11 December 2008

Test Posting

24 November 2008

Kingston Produce Of Flashdisk USB 64GB

Kingston Technology Company Inc. produce the newest flashdisk having the biggest depositor media capacities in the line of product Data Traveler. this Flashdisk USB has capacities 64GB.

Request of market would existence of depositor media having pocket edition but having a real big capacities is reason of launching of product with lable Data Traveler 150 or shortened DT150.

"DT 150 is answers to the request is the existing," Nathan Su, Flash Memory Product Manager, APAC REGION KINGSTON, explains in description of mass media, Monday (24/11/2008).

With a real big capacities hence the consumers flashdisk DT 150 having facility in doing backs up digital data as well as saving other files like music, video, important photograph and document without needing is anxious about the limited space.

Kingston DT 150 claimed compatible with Windows Vista, XP and Windows 2000, and Mac OS X 103 upward and Linux 26 upward. Same as all products USB Drive from Kingston, DT 150 also has warranty five years and free technical support.

15 October 2008

Google Phone

All people knows that in the near time Google would soon launchs telephone celuller so-called HTC G1 or G1. By using operating system Google Android, the plan ponsel officially is launched date of coming 22 Octobers.

Google is cooperating with operator T-Mobile for marketing of ponsel and cutomer of T-Mobile can have G1 with the price of subsidy that is US$179.

Finite target mid of November 2008, Google and T-Mobile can sell in 22 States. This Google Phone has touch screen, Wifi and also 3G.

What with iPhone ? you please choosing.

08 August 2008

Production from Forex

Today is opening of Olympiad 2008 in Beijing. Of course whole world is focused to Beijing. Some athleticses will be contested and it is of course best will get victory. Hopefully Olympiad 2008 in Beijing is will go well.

Today also I get a gladness joy in playing at Forex. Yap...Forex (Foreign Exchange) simply gives production that is fair to middling enough. Under this is screenshoot result plays at Forex today.

06 August 2008

Doesn't Apply Safari Browser

Internet browser consumer Apple Safari is suggested to desists uses it and changes over at other browser. This thing that consumer gets anti phishing protection.

That is consumer magazine annual report interior is notable is United States, Consumer Report. The report explains, Safari risk because is not accompanied tool warning is a dangerous situs or no.

"Browser which many applied by consumer Mac, Safari to have no anti adequate phishing protection," that way mentioned in the report.

[source : WebUser]

14 July 2008

Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni

Eye is one of a real vital equipment necessary for every man. to take care of health of eye at the same time for style, people requires an eyeglasses. for an modern and complete eyeglasses, you can visit Zenni Optical. Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni with various a real choices captures and suited for applied either in office and also in dressy.

Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses having collection as according to your desire and not necessarily be awaiting stripper to have this eyeglasses. To be more explains about Zenni Optical, you also can visit Zenni Optical or Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

24 June 2008

iPhone Porn

Producer content porno partakes brightening up with presents it bright ponsel of Apple iPhone version 3G. They hope, this ponsel would more and more triggers bursts it pornography business mobile.

"Until so far, iPhone is ponsel which very fraternizes for content porno," shouts Devan Chyper, representative from producer konten porno, Syn-City Entertainment.

The business this porno seemingly exploits internet access quickly on the market iPhone, big [screen/sail] and of course browser which able to be pledged.

According to data Google Trend, of course there is fast improvement in seeking with keyword 'iPhone porn'. While based on data AVN Media Network, industrial commerce body of adult, hundreds of sites has offered content sex for iPhone.

With its the streaming video capability, iPhone is expected can always jacks up request to content pornography mobile. More than anything else some of consumers iPhone is target of potential market for industry porn.

Answers to this phenomenon, the side of Apple express that iPhone has special fitur for block that content porno is not accessed underage chlid.

"Software iPhone 20 we give opportunity at the consumers to activate parental control," said mouthpiece word Apple.

[source : Vnunet]

11 June 2008


Non secret again that many students unable to like Iesson of natural philosophy and mathematics. To fish enthusiasm in their learning, iPod and laptop also made as 'equipment of provocation'.

Its way is with making study program giving iming-iming the peripheral present. Program which called this USAgraduate.com open to the students in all New York, starts from class four finite of class 12.

The the students can participate in weekly online quiz testing knowledge about natural philosophy, technology, technics and mathematics.

For student that is successfully wins the quiz, haves a time carries laptop return, iPod Shuffle or an iPod Nano. With this program expected enthusiasm in student to study natural philosophy and mathematics can be raced.

This program x'self still in attempt phase. And now, there are 48 students winning presents that is on the market the.

04 June 2008

Returns Google To Have Problem

For that's all its the times, Google is dragged to trial. This of the search engine giant is accused has publicized news without permit. Google also is claimed millions of dollar.

Company bringing a lawsuit to the court to company being based on in Mountain View is CopiePresse, namely organization of newspaper copyrights advocate Belgia.

Like published by Softpedia, Wednesday (4/6/2008), Google is accused has publicized news written by Le Soir and La Libre Belgique in Google News without permit. Therefore, Google forced to compensate equal to USD $77 million.

When trying to confirmation about this thing, Google refuse to comment. They equivocate that justice bundle they have not received.

This also not the first time Google stumbles problem with CopiePresse. Last year, they also is accused has impinged copyrights by publicizing newspaper news Belgia in Google News.

In its the suing, CopiePress asks Google to remove konten from Google News. Its the reason, Google publicizes this news freely, while Belgia newspaper group though plans sells content they in online.

Besides asking for financial indemnation, CopiePresse also is informed asks Google to publicize justice decision in situs Google News during 20 days.

23 May 2008

Global Warming in Google Earth

Global warming influence to earth planet now is mapped in internet. Google adds fitur in its the online service, Google Earth, to show how situation of earth in the middle of change effect of climate in a period of to coming 100 years.

Exploits data from knowledge institute of British Met Office Hadley Centre and British Antarctic Survey, animation in Google Earth illustrated change of air temperature in various states.

For example only, temperature in Australian is predicted will increase 5 to eight degree of celcius in the year 2099. Various dangers also very menaces is including crop failure, abundant floods and temperature atmosphere.

Effect is ugly possibility is knocking over region Artik which in the year its the 2099 temperatures can go up to 18 degree of celcius. This thing only can be avoided if glasshouse emission of gas downwards drastic.

[source : news.com]

22 May 2008

New Idol 2008 of America

Ends American Idol has 2008 and exit as winner David Cook. Cook, weeps after Ryan Seacrest to call its the name as champion. "This very extraordinary. Thank," says man who before becoming finalist Idol, works as bartender and personel a band. [source : Yahoo News]

Manchester United Champion League Champions 2007/2008

Manchester United Champion League Champions 2007/2008

19 May 2008

The Best Paid To Click

Hunts dollar in illusory world of course is not foreign goods for friends netpreuner. A lot of programs in internet which if when we elaborate can add our production. As according to this postingan title, after some strippers I follow this PTC program a lot of advantage and disadvantage gotten. From the angle of advantage if when we do not make click activity every day, we still getting dollar as according to shares which we earn before all. Loss which I am intention here is loss if when we do not make click every day because we dollar are countable from share which we earn before all alias doesn't increase. If we did click every day automatic shares increases and it is of course adds also our dollar.

Program Myfreeshares (ref) this hardly promises to add our dollar. This program also provides Referral (ref) Link to add our downline, more and more downline is joining of course ever greater number of shares which we earn and ever greater also dollar which we earn.

A few guides, at screenshoot to menu Yourstats is to see number of share and dollar which we earn. While menu Share per Click will present links which we must click. More and more link which we are click, more and more share which we earn and more and more also flowing dollar.

16 May 2008

Man and Sexual

More championly theorizes
Based on research done by drug company is having Berocca to 650 mans, concluded wilier man theorized compared to practice. Modern life now makes man to finish more time to work, so that so gets home chooses to sleep than doing sexual activity. As a result, they is fantasy a more regular the problem of sex, even in when imprecise, like when business meeting.

Asian Man is more hot
This do not joke, but based on survey done by Bayer Healthcare to 5010 mans in Australian, Korea, Taiwan, Singapura, and Malaysia. If in AS and Europe, man vitalseksual (man above age 40 years believing the important sex) only 18 percentage of population, in Asia reachs 42 %. Much higher from Europe man aliance and American. Even Indonesia is not be including, can be assumed represented.

Worries is pocket edition
Size does matter, often is believed the man. Ashamed if Mr. P is small so that daren't to come near woman. Though according to expert of seksologi, sexual happiness is not defined by measure Mr. P.

Enthusiasm rise if...
Sees woman having backside good, face alike characterization of blue film, form of full lip, likes speaking grazes, and dress meagrely open.

14 May 2008

The Next Income

Don't know why has almost 2 the current week there is no job from reviews advertisement, though in the beginning of month of there are still some job which have time to enter and in reviews in one of my blog. Yeah.. from at pondering and there is no income is entering, I thus a more regular plays Forex.

Of course in playing at Forex, I have not so skilled but there are some analysis which me gives to friends who also plays at Forex sometimes efficacious and yields goodly profit.

Learning from some expert of Forex, key from success of playing at Forex is arrest detaining avaricious passion atmosphere often difficult to be blocked. Besides avaricious, patience also hardly is needed to gets goodly profit. Doesn't play at in all pair currency, select chooses some main pair like GBP/USD or EUR/USD or which according to friends hardly easy to be analysed its the movement. To get signal Forex, now a lot of free signal script which dispersion in internet and can be implemented at Meta Trader.

While bes awaiting job reviews, Forex is alternative of income hereinafter.. ;)~

12 May 2008

Asia Orchid Exibhition 2008

Asia Orchid Exibhition 2008

May, 10-18th 2008

Kambang Iwak

South Sumatera



08 May 2008

Action 'Hacking' Young Bill Gates?

At the time young Gates is recognized fond of opens computer system. Including, together its the three friends, to get free access. But which most on unique, when asked to makes scheduling program in school he arranges that x'self always placed in class which many woman students. [detik]

06 May 2008

Olimpiade 2008

Wish to witness Olimpiade 2008 in Beijing directly ? Now sale of ticket in online to witness Olimpiade 2008 in Beijing has been opened and has many orderings of ticket every day.

Besides sale of ticket box online, Bank of China also serves sale for the domestic buyers of which wish to witness Olimpiade 2008 in Beijing.

30 April 2008

Nintendo targets 25 million Wii

Nintendo outspokenly confessed wish to optimal of momentum the many requests Wii. Company of this Japan also ready to pursue target of addition to sell 25 million units Wii in next 12 months.

After 18 months since beginning of its the apparition is in November 2006, around 25 million units Wii has been ship in the world. With 18,6 million units between it distributed at 2007.

28 April 2008

Smallest Desktop Computer in World

Dell Comp introduces PC desktop smallest konsumer in world. This peripheral claimed kindest of area. At event of conference Fortune Brainstorm Green taking place in California Amerika Serikat, Founder at the same time CEO Dell Comp, Michael Dell introduces product direct so called Dell Ultra Small PC.

Dell tells, newest product of this has measure around 81 % smaller than mini desktop of fairish tower of standard. While from energy usage side, told more economically 70 % in consuming energy power and easy to in recycle and in easy packaging in recycle. Its the plan, Dell will launch this product by the end of the year 2008.

PC this desktop told can assist customer client to economize more than US$ 2,2 triliun and negates around 22,4 million tons CO2.

25 April 2008

Welcome Back Vidic

After absence in contest of Manchester United vs Barcelona in semifinal of Liga Champions, Nemanja Vidic possibility will play at again when Manchester United vs Chelsea. its the absence Vidic at contest of Manchester United vs Barcelona is caused condition of health of stomach experienced by it.

With the return of Vidic is not only heartens Manchester United to reach for champion title which to 17 in Stamford Bridge.

22 April 2008

Alexa Rankings

To all owner of website or blog it is important to know already happened change of system ranking alexa . If formerly only based on user using alexa toolbar, started this new system many again data applied to determine ranking and popularity a website or blog.

21 April 2008

2008 Nissan Rogue

Slipping successfully into a new niche isn't always easy, even if the market appears to have space for another entrant. Small "crossover" vehicles have become a hot item lately, but Nissan has not participated in that segment, concentrating instead on its larger, more conventional SUVs.

That omission has been rectified for the 2008 model year, as Nissan launches its brand-new Rogue crossover. Ready for sale in mid-September, the Rogue will compete in a category that's expected to score nearly one million sales this year.

Google Pagerank Mystery

Get PageRank high for a website or the existing blog is very hard. Some clauseses must fufilled to can have Pagerank which high. Baclink is one of condition which must fufilled. With more and more backlink gotten, opportunity possibility that website or blog will get Pagerank from Google increasingly open.

Some friends something haves a notion, website or blog getting backlink from a website or blog having high Pagerank will yield Pagerank which is high also for website or blog.

For example to get Pagerank 4, a website or blog must have at least 5 backlink from website or blog having Pagerank 5. This only an example only, but there is nothing wrong to be tried.

18 April 2008

Iran Alleges Google Manipulation of History

Returns online map service Google Earth gets protest the problem of wrong region is description.

This, Iran country innings launching hard protest to Google. The reason is, Google is assessed to flatters fact history of by mentioning region in Mid-East which is identical enough with Iran so called 'Persian Gulf', as 'Gulf of Arab' in Google Earth.

Overseas Ministry Mouthpiece of Iran, Mohammad-Ali Hosseini criticizes sharply Google about this problem. Even he assess the reeling mistake intended by Google.

Hossein asserts, name 'Persian Gulf' inviolable since have already been documentation carefully in history.

Hence, he asks whole Iran public in or abroad does protest at related Google of this problem.

Before all, the same case also have ever befalled magazine National Geographic where they also wrong calls 'Persian Gulf' as 'Gulf of Arab' in the year 2004.

On the other side, Participation Party of Iran Islam express that what done this Google Earth can generate conflict in Mid-East region. [TehranTimes]

15 April 2008

Google Loves Children

Google creates special software to assist traces criminal activity exploiting childs sexuality side do not sin in internet.

Google creates the technology to institute protection of chlid, National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The technology developed from software used by Google in blacking out certain video in one of sites its the property, YouTube.

Cited from BBC, the program can identify internet file containing content sexual insult with interest easy and quickly. File organization and or video also expressed to more effective.

According to scientist Google leading this project, Shumeet Baluja, increasingly the many criminals using internet to exploit chlid, data which must be investigation of also more and more leaps.

As picture, since the year 2002 NCMEC had checked more than 13 million insult pictures of sexual child of in illusory world.

"Criminal clan has used technology now in exploited children. Hence we also must do the same thing," express CEO NCMEC, Ernie Allen about adoption of this Google technology.

Online Backgammon Tournaments

Now a lot of website online backgammon in internet causing facilitates we to choose best which according to our appetite. One of website feeder backgammon online in internet is be Gammon-World.com.

For you new first time tries playing at online backgammon, you can do question through support which is available and will assist you in plays at. With seven available language of course not only one states which can play at here.

For you skilled has played, can follow backgammon tournaments to reach for advantage. Please visit Gammon-world.com

Gamblux.com | Online casino

After working all day long in office or does various other activities, sometimes we feel saturate. If saturate taste come we all work has hardly felt difficult to be finalized. To eliminate saturate taste as result of rutinity done every day, it is better you tries playing at game online. A lot of game online is earning you to meet in internet. But have ever been thought up by you to play at game online can get money ? If you wish to throw away saturated taste as well as yielding money, tries to play at online casino.

Many game choices in the Casinos in the existing internet and one of them is is Gamblux.com. Casino online which on the market in Gamblux.com is casino which the existing is best. You are competent to visit Gamblux.com

14 April 2008

Career as Ultrasound Technician

In life we are health is beginning of from anything. With condition of healthy body of we can do various activities to earn life and or other activity. That body always in healthy condition, besides taking care of consumption of food of course also is required diagnosa through medical equipments. Now many equipmentss which can do diagnosa body to know condition of health of someone body. Sonography or ultrasonography is one of medical equipment doing diagnosa through ultrasound. But is the existing to implement equipments of ultrasonography is required by an expertise.

For you interesting profession wish to be area health especially equipments ultrasonography, you can visit www.medical-career-training.com giving training ultrasound tech which unlike equipments of X-rays. Pass ultrasound schools tech you will be guided by experienced experts in area ultrasonography to be an ultrasound technician.

11 April 2008

Christian Institute Sues Google

Google returns to having problem with group of religion. This, a group of Christian religion in English, Christian Institute, sues Google. This suing floated by Google to refuse displays an anti abortion advertisement from the group.

Initially, Christian Institute wish to pay for Google so that when word 'abortion' searched through via the searching machine, link sites the group having address in http://www.christian.org.uk will emerge at computer screen side.

However Google refuses this advertisement because assessed to impinges its the policy which do not wish to present abortion issue from religious in perpective. As for advertisement about abortion from group of secular can be presented in Google.

But seemingly, Christian Institute do not receive with statement of this Google so that they also soon launchs suing process to local justice. Basis its the law is invitors Equality Act about discrimination.

"Google cannot treat group of secular specially and sensors religious opinion sight," explicitly Mike Judge, mouthpiece Christian Institute.

10 April 2008

Play Online Billiard

You are expert in playing at billiard ? If you a who hobby and skilled played at billiard to try to join in Billiardmagic.com. With online multiplayer of course would hardly good to showing expertise every player billiard. Game of billiard with 8 ball pool or 9 ball pool need to you tries.

Besides game of billiard multiplayer, you also can play online snooker which also available in Billiardmagic.com. Tournamen billiard earns you to follow here every day and for you which wish to try luck to fiddle around with real money to get victory. Billiardmagic.com one of the site which proper of you visits.

The Best Online Backgammon

Now a lot of online games-games in playable internet by all people. One of game online which many taken a fancy to people is internet backgammon. With game which interaktif and more than 100.000 inscribed online backgammon players, of course the players will get an new experience in playing at game online.

To start backgammon, beforehand the players is obliged by download game backgammon. The play backgammon also can follow backgammon tournaments to look for luck. Check out ! please visit Mistergammon.com

FITNA : film is having problems

You has have ever looked on film FITNA ?? a film that is the existing middle disputed by many states which its the resident moslem majority. I have never looked on film FITNA because access to look on the film has in blocking out by government in my state.

Based on data from Google Trends for last 30 days, my country Indonesia occupies first rank in seeking volume of information about film FITNA. You please see result of capture from Google Trends position of nations doing seeking of information about film FITNA.

09 April 2008

Advantagehomerates.com :Help Your Mortgage Problems

For you are the existing is building house, but finds difficulties finance to continue the development of course makes all which you has planned not been reached. One of alternative which you does is by raising construction loan. To obtain Construction Mortgages in building house, you must prepare house blueprint before strarting its the development. With the blueprint is giver Construction Mortgages loans will see money value which you requires.

For you are which has bought a house and require to improve repair it is but difficulty in repair defrayal of the house, you also can submit rehab mortgages loans. With low interest rate and a period of loan 30 years and does 15% payment from credit total. To obtain description is more completely and explains, you can visit Advantagehomerates.com.

08 April 2008

Google Weblogs (beta)

According to news from team blogger, that in the near time google will launch Google Weblogs. This news a few bewildering because as we know blogger is part of Google.

Some analysises netpreuner mentions, Google Weblogs made to compete with Wordpress is being based on PHP.

Mkomani, an island school connected to the world

Not so long ago Mkomani Primary School in Lamu, an island off Kenya’s coast, lacked books, desks, floors and ceilings. Today 17 brand new computers acquired with UNESCO’s support adorn its premises.

A large public primary school for girls, Mkomani was established over 30 years ago. Twenty-nine teachers, of which five are paid by the Parent Teachers Association, tend to 1079 pupils. On hot sunny days the classrooms are furnaces and on rainy days the pounding rain on their iron sheet roofs seriously impedes learning. Last year only three girls from the school were accepted at National Secondary Schools and only 43% of the graduating 8th grade class went on to secondary education.

On his visit to Lamu Town, the oldest best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa and a World Heritage Site, UNESCO Director-General Ko├»chiro Matsuura offered the school a donation to improve the school’s learning environment. In return he was presented with a long list of needs including books, classrooms and an early childhood development (ECD) centre.

The School’s Management felt that UNESCO could best contribute to the school’s innovation by helping set up a computer lab. To this end, the library, a large room with a new cement floor and a recent aluminium roof, was converted into a modern computer lab. A wireless hub with an outdoor antenna provides Internet access for the school, as well as for the neighbouring boy’s primary school. UNESCO had found a ‘niche’ to transform the school.

Current statistics indicate that less than 2% of public primary schools and only about 800 out of some 4,000 secondary schools in Kenya have computers. Moreover, access to Internet is seriously limited by its cost and insufficient electricity. Mkomani school, however, is located on a main electrical line from the island’s hospital and has a regular supply of electricity. The biggest challenge was to find an affordable Internet solution with good bandwidth and reliable access.

Source : Unesco

07 April 2008

House Photograph Makes Google To Hit Claiming

Just because its the house photograph is presented in online service Google Street View, couple Aaaron and Christine Boring thus disgruntled. A couple living in United States (ACE) that also non reluctant files a bill law to Google.

Initially, this couple buys house at the price of USD 163000 on the chance of getting privasi and life calmness. But after Google takes house photograph they to be presented in Street View, this couple feels disturbed.

Answers to the demand, mouthpiece Google Larry Yu affirms, Google respects willingness they which do not wish to draw is certain is presented in website. Even if needs, Google would soon vanishs it.

But this Google answer assumed unsatisfactory. Lawyer a couple the affirms, what done by Google was an attack to privasi which may not be repeatable again in front.

Goal Cassani Subdues Juventus

Have time to exeed 2-0, victory of Palermo evanescent approximant when Juventusntus equalizes score thus 2-2. Finite finally came late goal of Mattia Cassani ascertaining Palermo to win 3-2. Contention of Palermo vs Juventus passed off in this Stadion Renzo Barbera takes place exclaiming and proportional relative. Both citadels changes does attack to opponent defence. Has just 11 minutes contest takes place, Palermo have been pre-eminent direct. It Is Carvalho Amauri scoring a goal opener after before all through individual action dribbles ball almost from middle of field. The action is terminated with a right foot/feet kick making goal to gate Juventus. new Juventus simply menacing when Giorgio Chiellini to avail opportunity in minute 35. Greets a corner kick, butt Chiellini, back partaking advance to groan, still bouncing up above gate ruler. In first act end, Palermo enlarges its the excellence. Returns Amauri becoming problem for defence Juventus. Fabio Caserta releases a bait to withdraw from left side and direct ball is greeted with head stretcher Amauri. Keeper Juventus, Gianluigi Buffon, only can be kept quiet sees its the gate goal again. But Juventus doesn't surender. Only seven minutes after second act is started, Lanthanum Vecchia Signora scores a goal first of they. This goal printed by Alessandro del Piero kicking ball rebound result of kick Momo Sissoko which only can be parried keeper Palermo, Alberto Fontana.

The next six minutes, a kick Nicola Legrottaglie from long distance also have time to make the fans Palermo must arrest detain breath. Gate Palermo still safing because ball still beside. Many times tries, Juventus finally equalizes position at calculation minute ke-71. Again exploits ball result of rebound, Del Piero scores a goal both Bianconeri. Old Striker greets ball after stretcher David Trezeguet is parried by Fontana. Del Piero almost print hattrick in minute ke-80. Expertise of Del Piero executes approximant free kick to bring its the team back of exeeding. But free-kick Del Piero collides pillar. But Fontana sprierly parries ball and protects its the gate. Two opportunities Juventus, each in minute 84 and 86 also fails meets target. Firstly, wide Trezeguet kick and second, butt Vincenzo Iaquinta floats above gate Palermo. Disaster comes for Juventus two minutes before fight after. Cassani scores a goal victory of Palermo with a firm gunfire discharged from distance 30 yards! Gate admission ball Buffon to multiply is third tonight. too Short remaining time for Juventus to return to reciprocates. When referee breezes sign whistle after of contest, score 3-2 is stands at bay and means Palermo is entitled to to three numbers. This victory makes Palermo crawls rising one stripes to position of 12 klasemen with 39 points. Degradation shadow also go away from citadel Rosanero. While for Juventus, result of practical this wipes out champion opportunity I Bianconeri.

31 March 2008

Only Linux which Cannot Be Pierced

MacBook Air becomes first product successfully is leaked hacker. a laptop Fujitsu using Windows Vista to become the next victim. But, laptop Vaio with operating system Linux still not able be pierced at hacking competition in having conference CanSecWest in Vancouver, Kanada is taking place 26-28 Marchs 2008.

competition had been started since day firstly conference, Wednesday (26/3). Sponsored provides present for the price of $US 20000 just for who of which able to conquer one of them is in first day. But none conference participant ready.

When present downwards its the half in second day with order which more clearance, Charlie Miller from Independent Security Evaluator successfully takes over Mac which applies system operation OSX 10.5.2. He pierces security and safety of the laptop through weakness of web browser Safari after two minutes works. Present $US 10000 is entitled to be walked off with it following its the laptop.

In last day, innings Macaulay, becoming second winner in similar contest last year, successfully conquers laptop Fujitsu with Windows Vista SP1. But, this of he do not do his own and assisted to be expert of VMware Alexander Sotirov and its the friend crane Colloway.

How to both piercing the security and safety system is not explained specifically because according to competition order of the secret has just may be expressed after exit patch or mend from each company. Macaulay only tell that weakness of Vista which utility blessing of existence of incompatibility of platform Java at the operating system.

"This thing is having effect also at Linux and Vista," says Macaulay. But, until last day simply do not an also successfully pierces Linux Ubuntu 710 at Vaio VGN-TZ37CN though has tried variously.

Some of 400 participants is reported to finds some weakness at operating system bases on open source. But, altogether cannot make exploitation code needed to conquers according to contest order.

"I hardly surpriseding there's nothing able do it," says Terri Forsloff, security and safety response manager of Tipping Point which menyeponsori this contest.

25 March 2008

Microsoft acquisition Komoku

As effort to increase its the security and safety system, Microsoft acquisition security and safety company will of Komoku, detector producer rootkit (gathering of software bad with aim to hide process, file and system data is being run from an operating system).

Technology made in Komoku later will complement product Forefront and Windows Live OneCare. Forefront is software security and safety including protection of malware for PC, tool security and safety for server Exchange and SharePoint and gateway.

Whereas OneCare is security and safety software package for consumer PC which scan applicable to be virus and spyware, backs up file and assists network management.

As information, Komoku am security and safety company producing detector rootkit build at 2004. The company now believe to handle network security problem in some government organizations of United States, as in Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

24 March 2008

Google Launchs The Application Of Translator 13 Languages

Unsatisfied played at in searching machine world, Google now adds language translator service. It is API, tools artificial language translator Google equiped by ability to translate text block on page web.

Bases on technology Ajax Web 20, API can translate until 13 languages, that is Arab, China, Holland, English, French, Germany, Greek, Italian, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Rusia and Spain.

API developed by team Ajax Search and Feeds property of Google. With API, the developer of claimed able to translate the content in blog or Web by using Javascript.

Google express would continuously develop and does improvisation at its the product, including developing idiom technology at API.

14 March 2008

Cracker Attacks 10 Thousand Pages Game Online

Thousands of yard in website online game become target of cracker attack. This illusory cracker sets eye on password to steal item in website for then is sold. Reported, there is more than 10 thousand pages website which has been infection.

This madness attack first time detected by researcher from McAfee. In calculation hour clock, this security and safety company traces is more than 10 thousand pages from hundreds of website which has been infection. This attack anticipated comes from China.

Like laid open by Craig Schmugar, researcher from McAfee, has not may simply categorically how much many number of website becoming this incursion victim. But, attack takes place so quickly and shows off automatically.

Anticipated, the crackers has applied search engine to identify website which is susceptible, then makes automatic tool to groan it with bad code.

Website which has been infection the in a flash of course seen normal alias is not seen marking has been infiltrated, so that the owner doesn't realize that there is danger of peeping. Though in fact, the crackers has added a few codes JavaScript.

If this code successfully infiltrates, hence will install a password theft program at victim computer that is visible like ordinary password in a number of game online.

12 March 2008

Ready to born Google competitor

Every internet consumer surely knows about Google as one of a real famous search engine and anything which we are searching in a short time detectable. Many competitors Google which cannot give in domination as number 1 search engine in internet.

In the near time will emerge new competitor of Google is coming from Uni Eropa by the name 'Quareo'. Project 'Quareo' or in Latin language meaned 'I look for' that, entangles 23 companies led by French technology company, Thomson. But because limitation of fund, this project do not also grows.

With fund $152 million of Uni Eropa, 'Quareo' expected able to become reliable competitor for Google and it is of course also punchs America as country of origin Google.

11 March 2008


SeoContest2008 one of place webmaster to confront traffik in search engine has been started. UK WEBMASTER WORLD as organizing committee provides present equal to $1000 for winner SeoContest2008. Closed contest date of 1 April 2008 the many in following webmaster in the world.

For highest rangking in this SeoContest2008, you can see passing :


Today 11 March 2008 position of 5 rank to from result of seeking in Google is as follows :

1. seocontest2008.com
2. seocontest2008-sphere.com
3. seocontest2008.uk.com
4. pogung177.com/seocontest2008
5. seocontest2008.org

War SEO has been started, the same as to campaign war done by Hillary Clinton with Obama to occupy American presidency chair.

10 March 2008

Mobile Instant Messenger

Possibly in this world each and everyone has handphone and has connection internet in house which many applied for various needs of communications either e-mail, chat or know newest news.

If when you always mobile and doesn't wish communications is broken with friends is it doesn't matter, you can exploit one of software chating which familiar in various types handphone.

Same as which I do the existing, you can apply Yehba as one of software to support you mobility. To get software freely download you please here.

26 February 2008

Samsung-built, Google Branded Android Phones

what your opinion about this handphone ? if according to my opinion, this very interesting and beautiful handphone to be owned.

complete information visited : engadget.com

Hacker Launchs Tool Attacker Google

Hacker group 'Cult of the Dead Cow', makes a free tool so called Goolag. Goolag is claimed to facilitates the hackers to launch its the action by exploiting website popular searching machine, Google.

Software open source enables hacker applies it to use Google in business is looking for the security and safety gap in website Internet. Exploiting of Google for hacker activity like this of course is reported often is done, but by the way of a real complicated.

Goolag is claimed easy to be applied, either by the hackers or expert of computer security which wish to use it. Its the technique bases on technology developed a researcher from institute Computer Sciences Corp, Johny Long.

Johny pass the time through years to check how Google can be used to know security and safety gap in website made an index to by it.

'Cult of Dead Cow' reported is hacker group that is enough legendaris in year end era of 90th. This hacker group have ever created a software so called 'Back Orifice' capable to pierce into computer using operating system Windows.

"I think this is not goods which really has just, but I think Goolag to make action of hacking via Google becomes easier," said comments from Robert Hansen, website computer security, Sechteory.com

Google Page Rank

Big influence in internet world still be held by Google. one of the influence evidence with applying of Google Page Rank that is value a web or blog in eye Google. this month Google has done update page rank and a lot of value change page rank from web or the blog,

Google Page Rank also can eliminate earnings a netpreuner which has is old dabbled in internet business. if when web or blog gets page rank 2, this means earnings a netpreuner from review will lose at all because some programs review only receive web or blog having page minimum rank 3.

have been many complains of the blogger is losing production because influence Google page rank. from production of 3 digit dollars which in earning by writing review, so after web or blog gets page rank 0 the evanescent production at once.

Google does update page its the rank 3-4 months once. so starts now draws up web or blog you for 3 or 4 next month.

My Blog oh My Blog

I don't understand why some my blog in delete by blogger.