31 August 2009

Beware, Skype may be bugged

Skype users, beware. Security firm Symantec found the public release of source code Trojan targeting Skype users.

Trojan.Peskyspy is spyware that records voice calls and save them as MP3 files. An infected machine will use the software that handles audio processing in a computer and store the data call as an MP3 file.

MP3 file and then sent via Internet to a server that has been determined in which the attacker can then listen to the conversations that have been recorded. Because the call is MP3, the file size was not large and low-load transfer.

According to Symantec, the current risk of this trojan threat low. But because this code is freely available, Symantec said that the malware makers could use it as part of a surveillance package. Fortunately, the creators of this malware have to spend lots of time to listen to hours and hours Skype audio files to get something that catches their attention.

04 August 2009

BlackBerry Magnum And BlackBerry Pluto

Although there is no certainty, the two specifications of new products that will most likely be released BlackBerry already circulating on the internet. The two products possible is given the name BlackBerry BlackBerry Magnum and Pluto.

Although called a successor-Bold, more like a form of Pluto Curve 8900 (Javelin). However, Pluto does not have 3G support only up to EDGE. In addition, two navigate than the QWERTY keyboard is touch screen (touchscreen). Rim BlackBerry operating system 4.7.

While the BlackBerry Magnum shape is similar to the BlackBerry Onyx is also still not released. The difference, Onyx likely already using the trackpad optics Magnum while still using the trackball. This product had speed prosesornya that use Marvell PXA930 624 MHz.

There are several things that distinguish between the Magnum and Pluto in addition to the appearance. If the operating system Magnum Rim BlackBerry OS 4.6, Pluto has been using version 4.7. However, Magnum HUPA support while Pluto new HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access).

However, many features of both the same. For example RAM and ROM memory of each 128 MB and supports an external ROM up to 1 GB. Also use the same 3.1 megapixel camera and 65,000 color TFT screen. Both will also be released September 2009 as well as Onyx.

03 August 2009

Apple Releases Patches iPhone Bug

After warning that the iPhone can become damaged through consignment from SMS, Apple finally released a patch to close this bug. Patch to fix a bug in the operating system OS 3.0.1 iPhone that has been released since Friday (31/7). This patch must be downloaded from iTunes to beforehand, after that can be installed in the iPhone is connected to the computer. Not there is fitur just that was offered, pure only to improve bug then.

Apple also warned the user iPhone to immediately renewed software they with patch that just was released. This matter must be done considering the existence of the possibility hacker immediately will make use of bug in iPhone that. The existence bug in iPhone beforehand has been raised by two researchers of the computer, Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner of the protection system, in the Black Hat conference that took place in Las Vegas, last Thursday (30/7). Both of them found bug iPhone when checking the sensitivity in the system of SMS communication that where being used to send the short message and software upgraded.

Miller and Mulliner decided to inform this defect to the public. This matter was done so that the user iPhone was aware of the danger that threatened as well as warned Apple Inc. to immediately act.