27 May 2011

7 Step Safe Internet Banking

Internet banking, banking services in the virtual world is getting ogled. Practically, the reason the majority of its users. But how about security?

The bank would have to think carefully before removing the security system of e-banking services to customers. Now living part of the user, whether they also can maintain confidentiality?

Consider the 7 steps secure internet banking:

1. Avoid Common PC
Never access your Internet banking account from a computer that is placed in general. In this case, can the cafe or the computers that many people can access it. Spyware is in general such a PC can lurk your transaction, and most unfortunately events are malicious programs that can steal your data.

2. Routine supervision
Make a check against your bank accounts online regularly. This is to ensure that no suspicious transactions on your account the track record. If there is a strange transaction, immediately report this to the bank.

3. Strengthen Password
Use a password or PIN that is not easily guessed. Password that is difficult to penetrate the combination of letters and numbers. Do not ever think to use your birthday as a password, because it is predictable and the people who already know.

It would be better if you regularly change their password. A security firm to perform even recommend changing passwords every three months.

4. 'Do not Believe' Bank or Police
Do not ever spit password or other security code to anyone, including if the request is the bank or the police. The Bank may occasionally will ask for personal information, such as date of birth, middle name, or name your mother to verify. But the good banks will not or do not have the right to ask for a PIN or password bank account customers.

5. Antivirus Software
The computer you use to perform e-banking transactions should also be equipped with a qualified security system, in this case is the availability of antivirus and Internet security devices. Because the application of this guard will protect the user when surfing in a virtual world filled with traps malicious programs and hackers.

But the thing to remember is, update the virus definitions of your security software. For if not kept up to date will be useless.

6. Collect Receipt
This is trivial, but when after transacting online, there's good evidence that electronic transactions are collected in one file. This is for the verification process when there are suspicious transactions on your account.

7. Money Laundering
Avoid using personal accounts account for a variety of business transaction activities that involve other people's money in large quantities. Therefore, it can be regarded as money laundering activity and prohibited by law.

source : eHow.com

04 May 2011

The Natural Viagra

Watermelon become a favorite summer fruit is refreshing with plenty of water content. More than that, watermelon useful both for sexual health.

Sweet and juicy fruit is loaded with a compound that either promotes blood flow to vital organs. This method is similar to the performance drug Viagra.

The compound is called citrulline-in which the body converts to l-arginine-which serves to encourage blood flow and improve circulation to all parts of your body's vital.

This conclusion was obtained by Italian investigators. To prove the benefits of watermelon, the researchers asked 24 middle-aged men with erection problems "mild" to citrulline supplements for a month.

The researchers found that drinking a few glasses of watermelon juice every day can increase blood levels of l-arginine significantly.

To be considered, rather than taking supplements watermelon, better direct consumption of the fruit. Therefore, the watermelon is more easily accepted by your stomach instead of l-arginine supplementation, said the experts. Supplements can cause nausea and diarrhea. Some l-arginine could also be lost during the digestive process.

Indeed, watermelon when taken alone is not sufficient to improve sexual performance. But at least, able to guarantee the free flow of blood flow to vital organs so that Mr. P could show maximal action.

In addition to watermelons, citrulline there are many other sources, such as almonds, melons, beans, cocoa, cucumber, dark chocolate, peanuts, red meat, salmon, soy, and walnuts. However, levels of l-arginine in it was conceived not as big as watermelons.

source : RealAge

02 May 2011

Pagerank Down : Could For Posting?

This blog had passed back into its original position cometh pagerank Pagerank 2, after a month enjoy a PageRank 0. At the time gets pagerank 0, I analyze what causes it.

After seeing several posts on this blog, there is a post which I think makes this blog who previously received Pagerank 2 back to 0. Post a disturbing pagerank I eventually delete this blog and finally after 1 month of this blog back to its original pagerank.

Could posting to affect pagerank?