01 October 2009

The Earthquake 7.6 SR In West Sumatra

After the occurrence of the earthquake 7.6 SR in West Sumatra, the coming tsunami panic not only emerged as a strong earthquake shock. But also because a number of witnesses saw the water out of the ground a few minutes after the earthquake occurred. Spills water they thought was the beginning of the tsunami.

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center also launch possible before the tsunami hit Padang and surrounding areas within a few minutes after the earthquake. But after half an hour, there was no tsunami reports came in Padang and surrounding areas.

10 September 2009

McLaren MP4-12C Supercar

McLaren Automotive (MA) introduced a new supercar concept car MP4-12C, 9 September 2009. After months of testing lurking sports media with a wrapped body, can finally see the real view.

Previously, MP4-12C was known as the P11 as the successor to the success of the previous McLaren supercar, the McLaren F1 SLR. Marketed in 2011 and competed at the Porsche 911 Turbo and Ferrari 458 Italy.

There are some F1 technology adopted, make MP4-12C advantage over its competitors in terms of innovation. Like the body structure of the carbon fiber material and "brake steering" system. This last technology that helps drivers can eliminate the symptoms of understeer and the rear wheels spin by pressing the brake. While reducing the speed of the car.

Installed capacity of 6.0L engine twin-turbo V8 that has 600 personnel to 700 dk. Transmission is equipped with 7 levels of acceleration (7-speed) and can penetrate a top speed of 320 km/hour.

Interestingly, in the car could use a computer because it has wi-fi. Not only that, the suspension can adjust itself to road conditions. So, open the door to the model.

"Companies do not just build a car. In particular, more to the brand," said CEO Ron Dennis MA, a former McLaren F1 team boss. In the next 6 years, he continued, you can see the 3 model MP4-12C. Birth is no other car to remind success MP4-12C in the arena of F1 race in 1997.

31 August 2009

Beware, Skype may be bugged

Skype users, beware. Security firm Symantec found the public release of source code Trojan targeting Skype users.

Trojan.Peskyspy is spyware that records voice calls and save them as MP3 files. An infected machine will use the software that handles audio processing in a computer and store the data call as an MP3 file.

MP3 file and then sent via Internet to a server that has been determined in which the attacker can then listen to the conversations that have been recorded. Because the call is MP3, the file size was not large and low-load transfer.

According to Symantec, the current risk of this trojan threat low. But because this code is freely available, Symantec said that the malware makers could use it as part of a surveillance package. Fortunately, the creators of this malware have to spend lots of time to listen to hours and hours Skype audio files to get something that catches their attention.

04 August 2009

BlackBerry Magnum And BlackBerry Pluto

Although there is no certainty, the two specifications of new products that will most likely be released BlackBerry already circulating on the internet. The two products possible is given the name BlackBerry BlackBerry Magnum and Pluto.

Although called a successor-Bold, more like a form of Pluto Curve 8900 (Javelin). However, Pluto does not have 3G support only up to EDGE. In addition, two navigate than the QWERTY keyboard is touch screen (touchscreen). Rim BlackBerry operating system 4.7.

While the BlackBerry Magnum shape is similar to the BlackBerry Onyx is also still not released. The difference, Onyx likely already using the trackpad optics Magnum while still using the trackball. This product had speed prosesornya that use Marvell PXA930 624 MHz.

There are several things that distinguish between the Magnum and Pluto in addition to the appearance. If the operating system Magnum Rim BlackBerry OS 4.6, Pluto has been using version 4.7. However, Magnum HUPA support while Pluto new HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access).

However, many features of both the same. For example RAM and ROM memory of each 128 MB and supports an external ROM up to 1 GB. Also use the same 3.1 megapixel camera and 65,000 color TFT screen. Both will also be released September 2009 as well as Onyx.

03 August 2009

Apple Releases Patches iPhone Bug

After warning that the iPhone can become damaged through consignment from SMS, Apple finally released a patch to close this bug. Patch to fix a bug in the operating system OS 3.0.1 iPhone that has been released since Friday (31/7). This patch must be downloaded from iTunes to beforehand, after that can be installed in the iPhone is connected to the computer. Not there is fitur just that was offered, pure only to improve bug then.

Apple also warned the user iPhone to immediately renewed software they with patch that just was released. This matter must be done considering the existence of the possibility hacker immediately will make use of bug in iPhone that. The existence bug in iPhone beforehand has been raised by two researchers of the computer, Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner of the protection system, in the Black Hat conference that took place in Las Vegas, last Thursday (30/7). Both of them found bug iPhone when checking the sensitivity in the system of SMS communication that where being used to send the short message and software upgraded.

Miller and Mulliner decided to inform this defect to the public. This matter was done so that the user iPhone was aware of the danger that threatened as well as warned Apple Inc. to immediately act.

31 July 2009

The Weakness iPhone

iPhone was gadget ideal anyone. Gadget that had several fitur that benefitted his user evidently also had the weakness. This weakness was explained by the security researcher in the United States that is enough with a SMS, iPhone property of any user could be hijacked by the side was not responsible. The weakness was revealed by Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner, the security researcher of the computer in the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, the United States. The SMS that could break into iPhone that only contained one character of the box then. If the user received the SMS like that it was suggested to immediately deadly iPhone him because if not all information could be inside taken over.

Not only stole information, the weakness that was revealed by Miller and Mulliner it seems enabled who to take over iPhone property of the user. This including undertaking the function of the camera, the microphone and continued the dangerous SMS. Miller and Mulliner admitted to informing this weakness to Apple since more than one months ago. However Apple was named still not dismissed patch that could overcome him.

The similar weakness could be also made use of to the cellular phone with the Android operation system. The difference is, Google released patch to close the weakness after was informed by Miller and Mulliner.

source : Forbes

30 July 2009

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone was fitur that was available in gadget iPhone. Fitur this could be used to know the existence iPhone that was lost was stolen. With fitur this an adolescent in Colorado, the United States could find the existence of his pet cellular phone when being lost was stolen.

Distin Simantob (15) that time when encountering 4 windows of his father's car broke out and all the valuable things inside disappeared, including iPhone 3GS belonging to him. This unlucky incident happened when on Thursday (30/7/2009) Simantob and his family was doing river the trip and left their car. Not there is again that they could do post the theft, apart from reported to closest police and afterwards returned to the house.

His profit, an arrival in the Simantob house be reminded something that could help him found came back iPhone him, that is fitur the cellular phone tracker that has he setting and he registered in the site mobile-tracking. By using this site, Simantob then finally had succeeded in tracing the cellular phone that was stolen earlier. "This tracing ended in a house close to the location" of the "incident, so I remained"

source : DailyMail

Google Vs Microsoft and Yahoo!

Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. on Wednesday (29/7) local time finally had announced the co-operation in the business field search engine and the advertisement for 10 years. This action it was hoped made these companies could challenge Google Inc in the world business on the internet. Yahoo will get 88 percent of the advertisement profit that came from the customer that accessed from the search service in the Yahoo page for five first years. Moreover, Yahoo also had the right to place his premium advertisements in several sites belonging to Microsoft.

Was based on the survey data ComScore, the Yahoo combination and Microsoft controlled 28 percent of the market share of the service of the seeker's machine in the USA or the two after Google that at this time controlled 65 percent. For the global market, Google more dominant in the business of the service of the seeker's machine with 67 percent market share whereas the Yahoo combination and Microsoft just controlled 11 percent.

29 July 2009

BlackBerry Most Cheap Curve 8520

After so many for a long time was waited for finally Research In Motion (RIM) finally released the new type BlackBerry with the cheap price. Many new matters that were present in handset this that could circle to the rumour finally became the reality. For example, Curve 8520 were the first product BlackBerry that used trackpad optics as the navigation implement to replace trackball.

Moreover, Curve 8520 became the first product BlackBerry that was equipped by the media keys on the top so as musical access and the video, like play, repeat, and mute could be carried out more was easy. Also had BlackBerry Media Sync that facilitated synchronisation with iTunes or Windows Media Player. Moreover also had the application of BlackBerry App World that was the application stock exchange to BlackBerry.

His appearance far was not different from his predecessor, BlackBerry Curve 8900 (Javelin) with keyboard QWERTY. However had few reductions to Curve 8520 like the camera of only 2 megapiksel, whereas to Javelin 3.2 megapiksel. His screen 2,64 inch TFT LCD 320X240 piksel. His thickness of only .39 centimeter, long 10,9 cm and wide 6 cm. The weight 106 gram. Several fitur also was equal did not yet support 3G, just GSM/GPRS/EDGE. WiFi and Bluetooth were not left behind. Curve 8520 used the processor 52 MHz, the internal memory 256 MB, and supportive slot the external memory of microSD/SDHC from 16 GB that currently is available to the following generation 32 GB.

RIM promised that this product supported synchronisation in the Apple Macintosh computer. The user could carry out synchronisation of contact information, the calendar, and note with BlackBerry Desktop Manager that walked in Mac. However, this application just was available from September. Curve 8520 were available in two colours, black and white blue.

Increased The Loving Passion With The Application iPhone

The loving passion among the husband and wife's couple occasionally experienced the rise and fall. An application iPhone will help raised came back mood the couple who was lost.

His article, the application had a name "iRomance - Romance Dice/Cards for either" this "sex" had more than 400 cards/the instruction was different that will help the couple to find again their love passion. For that was interested buying this application, could buy costing US$0,99,

28 July 2009

The Massa Career Ended ?

The racing driver Ferrari Felipe Massa that experienced the accident when appearing in the qualification round of Q2 Formula 1 was in the Hungaroring Circuit threatened with could not appear again in the world of the formula 1. In this accident the iron from the Rubens Barrichello vehicle bashed the face of Felipe Massa.

The iron that fell from the Barrichello car bashed the Felipe Massa helmet until breaking out, and resulting from he continued on the top of the left eyes the Mass was bloody. Not only that, runner-up this previous season experienced damage to skull bones so as immediately was operated on to rescue his life. Now, this Ferrari racing driver still treated in the hospital for postoperative restoration of skull bones and concussion.

16 July 2009

The Trade Passion In The Share In Wall Street

The report on finance that was impressive from Intelligence Corp made shares in Wall Street again passionate. The achievement of the Intelligence at least showed again hope of the increase in the technological expenses including the improvement of the profitability of the company. Intelligence announced the report on finance that exceeded ekspektasi the analyst for the personal request computer (PC). Intelligence beforehand announced the loss US$ 398 million during the period April-June, after being affected by the fine blow US$ 1.45 billion of the European unions. However if not counting on the effect of this fine, Intelligence could print the income per the share 18 penny, or better than ekspektasi the analyst that only 8 penny per the share.

Intelligence also made an announcement outlook that brightened, so as his share jumped until 7.3% became the US 18.05. "Intelligence was the connector from the whole of the technological industry." So when they stated his optimism sepitar the consumer who was increasingly active to the PC line, then that will forecast many good matters, said David Katz, the Chief investment officer Matrix Asset Advisor. In the trade on Wednesday (15/7/2009), the Dow Jones index industrial average (DJIA) was closed rose as far as 256.72 points (3.07%) to the level 8,616.21. The index of Standard & Poor apostr s 500 also rose 26.84 points (2.96%) to the level 932.68 and Nasdaq jumped 63.17 points (3.51%) to the level 1,862.90.

Shares of technology became the star like IBM that jumped 3.9%, Google rose 3.2%. Apart from shares of technology, shares of the financial sector also were involved in strengthening anticipated the issuing of the report on finance. The share JPMorgan was recorded strengthened as far as 4.5%. The investor was also pushed by the issuing of the note produced by the Federal Open Market Committee meeting (FOMC) that stated that the economy will improve in the semester Ii, but still would emnghadapi the sensitivity. The trade was moderate enough, with the transaction in New York Stock Exchange reached 1.37 billion, below in general last year totalling 1.49 billion. Now in Nasdaq, the transaction reached 2.53 billion, above in general last year that reached 2.28 billion.

source : Reuters

Volvo Pull V70 and S80

The car company from Sweden, Volvo pulled approximately 1,020 Volvo that was sold in South Korea. The pulling of the manufacturer's car was from this Sweden caused had damage in the cooling system the machine or Fan. There were two Volvo models that were pulled because of not filling the condition that is this pulling covered Volvo V70 and S80 that the production in 2008 and 2009.

The "pulling came back" of "these cars in connection with destruction" of the "the cooling system the machine or Fan, so as to be able to cause the disturbance to the vehicle machine," said the company's spokesperson, Stefan Elfstorm. According to him , the cooling system to this car did not function well so as to cause the fast machine hot. The Swedish company claimed if around 95 percent marketing to 2 car models also has quick-selling was sold in Sweden.

Moreover, 15 European countries other, including Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Swiss became the marketing country to 2 products.

15 July 2009

Tips Avoided Pig Flu

Several tips that could be carried out to avoid swine flu:

  1. Tight-lipped and the nose with tissue when the cough and sneezed.
  2. Discarded tissue that was used.
  3. Wash the hands after the cough or sneezed. Don't held the mouth, the nose or the eyes because the virus could develop.
  4. Avoid contact with the person was sick.
  5. Continue to in the house if felt was sick, and don't go out of the house before the illness recovered the total for approximately 24 hours.
  6. Often washed the hands by using water flowed and soap for 20 seconds every time was finished held the public's object.
  7. If wanting to go overseas, the health cheque with the doctor and confirmed the country that was visited was not affected by the pandemic swine flu.
  8. Continue to maintain the health and the pattern ate that was balanced.

13 July 2009

Toshiba TG01 The Fastest Mobile Phone In The World

Toshiba released the fastest mobile phone in the world that was given by the name of Toshiba TG01. With the processor of Snapdragon 1GHz from Qualcomm, that was the fastest processor for the cellular phone at this time. With touchscreen technology that had wide the screen 4.1 and had the thickness 9,9mm this mobile phone was suitable for the high mobility.

The weakness in this mobile phone of Toshiba used the Windows operation system 6,1, not the newest version namely Windows Mobile 6,5. However Toshiba promised would updating to Windows Mobile 6,5 just as Microsoft released this operation system.

21 June 2009

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19 May 2009

New Webcam

Chatting or simply take a photo themselves through webcam now need not depend on the existing lighting in the background. Genius, the manufacturers of Taiwan's digital camera to bring the web (webcam) eFace 1325R equipped features Infrared Night Vision.

With 1.3 megapixel quality, eFace 1325R simply produce a fine, including when used for video chat in all light conditions. In the clip design that can be played, the product is comfortable to use and take to anywhere.

12 May 2009

Discount Click

According to the online business on the internet is easy. Create a website or blog and the content of the goods or the topic that will be sold. Opinion is wrong because such a campaign without a website or blog that has been made will not be able to visit or known.

If you start a new business online on the internet and want to do a campaign, you do not have to be a headache because it has a search engine marketing and promotion services from DiscountClick.

Join the DiscountClick can make your website or blog occupying top ranking in several search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Netscape, Ask Jeeves, Altavista and other popular search engines.

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07 May 2009

R4i Adapter For Nintendo DSi

The R4i for Nintendo DSi has been released. The new R4i designed to work with the new Nintendo DSi. The R4i Adapter for Nintendo DSi is a mini electronic cartridge that accepts flash memory.Allows up to 32Gb of homebrew games, music and video. Simply the best companion for your new Nintendo DSi. The R4i adapter is a mini electronic cartridge which is the same size as the original game cartridge, so allowing you to load anything onto it. This means dozens of backed up games can be held on the one card.Whilst these consoles are popular with parents to keep children occupied, the compact nature of the DS game cartridges often infuriates when the original cartridges get lost.

You can now download music that you can listen to on your Nintendo DS, so it is now game station, plus media system. No need for any extra components as it is the top-of-the-line flash card. Able to memorize and restore to the previously selected game or application after restarting machine and soft reset. You can use Micro SD storage card(2gb/4 gb/8gb) with R4i cards to watch movies, play music, browse your pictures, read E-Books, transfer files from your computer as well as the opportunity to run Homebrew software. Plenty of surpluses R41 including not happening lag or slow down in playing games, support WiFi, Touch screen control and robust skinning support and really was easy to be used.

More details for the following features in the R41:

* R4i adapter is the same size as an original game cartridge DSi
* Built-in PassMe (NO need for any boot cart. / passcard etc.)
* Uses microSD memory card (Trans Flash) as storage
* Boot clean dump images (downloadable from internet)
* Very simple to use: drag and drop files to the microSD card (using a PC), insert into the R4i adapter for the Nintendo DSi and play
* Standard FAT system support
* Supports different speeds of micro SD cards
* Supports HC memory cards
* Upgradable Firmware (OS / Bios / Kernel)
* Touch screen control and robust skinning support
* No battery needed, back up the save file directly into the microSD card
* Homebrew support, IO lib available on launch
* Supports up to a Massive 32Gb Flash memory card

05 February 2009

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