16 July 2009

Volvo Pull V70 and S80

The car company from Sweden, Volvo pulled approximately 1,020 Volvo that was sold in South Korea. The pulling of the manufacturer's car was from this Sweden caused had damage in the cooling system the machine or Fan. There were two Volvo models that were pulled because of not filling the condition that is this pulling covered Volvo V70 and S80 that the production in 2008 and 2009.

The "pulling came back" of "these cars in connection with destruction" of the "the cooling system the machine or Fan, so as to be able to cause the disturbance to the vehicle machine," said the company's spokesperson, Stefan Elfstorm. According to him , the cooling system to this car did not function well so as to cause the fast machine hot. The Swedish company claimed if around 95 percent marketing to 2 car models also has quick-selling was sold in Sweden.

Moreover, 15 European countries other, including Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Swiss became the marketing country to 2 products.

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