20 March 2010

Porsche Top as Most Reliable Car

Entering the last month in the first quarter of this year, JD Power survey agency announced the results of research back to a reliable vehicle (JD Power vehicle dependability study). The result, Porsche managed to the highest ranks above other brands.

Research focuses on manufacturers that are able to maintain reliability in 2010, while avoiding decreased consumer confidence for long-term product in this year than in 2009.

Total, there are 37 brands in the JD Powers study Some brands included in the study, among others, VDS, Cadillac, Ford, Hyundai, Lincoln, and Mercury, which record the results of the wide gap between the performance of reliable and consumer perceptions.

'Producing the highest-quality vehicles to be one factor in competition among car manufacturers. They are competing to find out how to convince consumers of the importance of product quality. It took no less to slowly change the consumer's point of view positively related to quality and customer dependence of the product. It can reach a decade or even more. So, this value is something vital, "said David Sargent, Deputy Managing Director of Automotive Research JD Power and Associates.

source : autoevolution.com

08 March 2010

Cellular Telephone Use AAA Battery

Almost all mobile phones currently use the rechargeable battery li-ion. Rechargeable batteries are practical. However, it is a barrier if the user was on the trip or away from the power source.

However, it does not matter if you use the phone on this one. Besides li-ion battery standard, mobile Olive FrvrOn-V output G2300 Olive India Telecom also uses AAA battery as a backup energy source.

Place the batteries only enough for a single AAA battery. However, as such, V-G2300 user can remain active for several hours despite the li-ion batteries run out.

FrvrOnV-G2300 work on GSM networks with a color screen is only 1.5 inches and FM radio facility.

04 March 2010

Symbian Vs Android

Symbian is the smart phone operating system that now rules the world. Until February 2010, the Symbian platform has been developed more than 10 years and has been buried in more than 330 million devices worldwide.

The rate on Symbian smart phones are not overtaken by other operating systems because the power of the operating system that allows outside developers to build applications on Symbian phones.

So, thousands of applications were born free and paid software developers from throughout the world. This is what makes the Symbian mobile phone and content-rich Symbian users are individuals who like to create new innovations.

Although there are estimates Android operating system will be number two on the bottom Symbian in 2013, Symbian was still become a stable force. Moreover, according to Motorola officials promised, in 2010, the Symbian Foundation has released the full operating system as open code.

Symbian Identical with the Nokia

Symbian Foundation, the institution in charge of taking care of the preparation to open source Symbian, is a nonprofit organization that was announced June 24, 2008. Nokia took Sony Ericsson, Motorola, NTT DoCoMo, AT & T, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Vodafone, and several rows of another brand to use Symbian.

Besides funding, Siemens to contribute Symbian OS and S60 for Symbian Foundation. Sony Ericsson and Motorola did not want to lose, they donate their mainstay code, which is UIQ. NTT DoCoMo to contribute MOAP (S).

With that capital, the future of the Symbian Foundation should be more hit the market. Speculation is rampant that the Symbian alliance to confront Android.

However, in a chance, Bob Iannucci who was then serving Senior Vice President Chief Technology Officer of Siemens argued that presumption. "All along we are in this business. So this is not true that our response to Android, "he said.

03 March 2010

Do not Press F1

Microsoft found a weakness in the software. In order to prevent this vulnerability exploited, Microsoft recommends users not to press F1 while browsing the Internet site.

A weakness has been discovered in VBScript precisely this weakness will affect the computer that runs Windows XP and Internet Explorer browser (IE).

This weakness could be exploited when users press the F1 key. Button is usually used to call the help function (Help menu) in Windows applications.

"If a malicious website that displays the dialog box specially made and the user pressed F1, a malicious code can run on a user's computer in accordance with the user's authority," the warning from Microsoft.

Microsoft offered several ways to prevent this weakness to attack your computer:

* Do not press F1 when prompted by a particular site
* Disable access to Windows Help
* Change IE security rules to be 'High' to block ActiveX
* Set IE to give a warning when about to run ActiveX

Once again, this vulnerability affects computers that are running Internet Explorer browser on the operating system Microsoft Windows XP. User operating system or other browser software will not be affected.

source : detikinet