20 March 2010

Porsche Top as Most Reliable Car

Entering the last month in the first quarter of this year, JD Power survey agency announced the results of research back to a reliable vehicle (JD Power vehicle dependability study). The result, Porsche managed to the highest ranks above other brands.

Research focuses on manufacturers that are able to maintain reliability in 2010, while avoiding decreased consumer confidence for long-term product in this year than in 2009.

Total, there are 37 brands in the JD Powers study Some brands included in the study, among others, VDS, Cadillac, Ford, Hyundai, Lincoln, and Mercury, which record the results of the wide gap between the performance of reliable and consumer perceptions.

'Producing the highest-quality vehicles to be one factor in competition among car manufacturers. They are competing to find out how to convince consumers of the importance of product quality. It took no less to slowly change the consumer's point of view positively related to quality and customer dependence of the product. It can reach a decade or even more. So, this value is something vital, "said David Sargent, Deputy Managing Director of Automotive Research JD Power and Associates.

source : autoevolution.com

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