31 March 2008

Only Linux which Cannot Be Pierced

MacBook Air becomes first product successfully is leaked hacker. a laptop Fujitsu using Windows Vista to become the next victim. But, laptop Vaio with operating system Linux still not able be pierced at hacking competition in having conference CanSecWest in Vancouver, Kanada is taking place 26-28 Marchs 2008.

competition had been started since day firstly conference, Wednesday (26/3). Sponsored provides present for the price of $US 20000 just for who of which able to conquer one of them is in first day. But none conference participant ready.

When present downwards its the half in second day with order which more clearance, Charlie Miller from Independent Security Evaluator successfully takes over Mac which applies system operation OSX 10.5.2. He pierces security and safety of the laptop through weakness of web browser Safari after two minutes works. Present $US 10000 is entitled to be walked off with it following its the laptop.

In last day, innings Macaulay, becoming second winner in similar contest last year, successfully conquers laptop Fujitsu with Windows Vista SP1. But, this of he do not do his own and assisted to be expert of VMware Alexander Sotirov and its the friend crane Colloway.

How to both piercing the security and safety system is not explained specifically because according to competition order of the secret has just may be expressed after exit patch or mend from each company. Macaulay only tell that weakness of Vista which utility blessing of existence of incompatibility of platform Java at the operating system.

"This thing is having effect also at Linux and Vista," says Macaulay. But, until last day simply do not an also successfully pierces Linux Ubuntu 710 at Vaio VGN-TZ37CN though has tried variously.

Some of 400 participants is reported to finds some weakness at operating system bases on open source. But, altogether cannot make exploitation code needed to conquers according to contest order.

"I hardly surpriseding there's nothing able do it," says Terri Forsloff, security and safety response manager of Tipping Point which menyeponsori this contest.

25 March 2008

Microsoft acquisition Komoku

As effort to increase its the security and safety system, Microsoft acquisition security and safety company will of Komoku, detector producer rootkit (gathering of software bad with aim to hide process, file and system data is being run from an operating system).

Technology made in Komoku later will complement product Forefront and Windows Live OneCare. Forefront is software security and safety including protection of malware for PC, tool security and safety for server Exchange and SharePoint and gateway.

Whereas OneCare is security and safety software package for consumer PC which scan applicable to be virus and spyware, backs up file and assists network management.

As information, Komoku am security and safety company producing detector rootkit build at 2004. The company now believe to handle network security problem in some government organizations of United States, as in Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

24 March 2008

Google Launchs The Application Of Translator 13 Languages

Unsatisfied played at in searching machine world, Google now adds language translator service. It is API, tools artificial language translator Google equiped by ability to translate text block on page web.

Bases on technology Ajax Web 20, API can translate until 13 languages, that is Arab, China, Holland, English, French, Germany, Greek, Italian, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Rusia and Spain.

API developed by team Ajax Search and Feeds property of Google. With API, the developer of claimed able to translate the content in blog or Web by using Javascript.

Google express would continuously develop and does improvisation at its the product, including developing idiom technology at API.

14 March 2008

Cracker Attacks 10 Thousand Pages Game Online

Thousands of yard in website online game become target of cracker attack. This illusory cracker sets eye on password to steal item in website for then is sold. Reported, there is more than 10 thousand pages website which has been infection.

This madness attack first time detected by researcher from McAfee. In calculation hour clock, this security and safety company traces is more than 10 thousand pages from hundreds of website which has been infection. This attack anticipated comes from China.

Like laid open by Craig Schmugar, researcher from McAfee, has not may simply categorically how much many number of website becoming this incursion victim. But, attack takes place so quickly and shows off automatically.

Anticipated, the crackers has applied search engine to identify website which is susceptible, then makes automatic tool to groan it with bad code.

Website which has been infection the in a flash of course seen normal alias is not seen marking has been infiltrated, so that the owner doesn't realize that there is danger of peeping. Though in fact, the crackers has added a few codes JavaScript.

If this code successfully infiltrates, hence will install a password theft program at victim computer that is visible like ordinary password in a number of game online.

12 March 2008

Ready to born Google competitor

Every internet consumer surely knows about Google as one of a real famous search engine and anything which we are searching in a short time detectable. Many competitors Google which cannot give in domination as number 1 search engine in internet.

In the near time will emerge new competitor of Google is coming from Uni Eropa by the name 'Quareo'. Project 'Quareo' or in Latin language meaned 'I look for' that, entangles 23 companies led by French technology company, Thomson. But because limitation of fund, this project do not also grows.

With fund $152 million of Uni Eropa, 'Quareo' expected able to become reliable competitor for Google and it is of course also punchs America as country of origin Google.

11 March 2008


SeoContest2008 one of place webmaster to confront traffik in search engine has been started. UK WEBMASTER WORLD as organizing committee provides present equal to $1000 for winner SeoContest2008. Closed contest date of 1 April 2008 the many in following webmaster in the world.

For highest rangking in this SeoContest2008, you can see passing :


Today 11 March 2008 position of 5 rank to from result of seeking in Google is as follows :

1. seocontest2008.com
2. seocontest2008-sphere.com
3. seocontest2008.uk.com
4. pogung177.com/seocontest2008
5. seocontest2008.org

War SEO has been started, the same as to campaign war done by Hillary Clinton with Obama to occupy American presidency chair.

10 March 2008

Mobile Instant Messenger

Possibly in this world each and everyone has handphone and has connection internet in house which many applied for various needs of communications either e-mail, chat or know newest news.

If when you always mobile and doesn't wish communications is broken with friends is it doesn't matter, you can exploit one of software chating which familiar in various types handphone.

Same as which I do the existing, you can apply Yehba as one of software to support you mobility. To get software freely download you please here.