14 March 2008

Cracker Attacks 10 Thousand Pages Game Online

Thousands of yard in website online game become target of cracker attack. This illusory cracker sets eye on password to steal item in website for then is sold. Reported, there is more than 10 thousand pages website which has been infection.

This madness attack first time detected by researcher from McAfee. In calculation hour clock, this security and safety company traces is more than 10 thousand pages from hundreds of website which has been infection. This attack anticipated comes from China.

Like laid open by Craig Schmugar, researcher from McAfee, has not may simply categorically how much many number of website becoming this incursion victim. But, attack takes place so quickly and shows off automatically.

Anticipated, the crackers has applied search engine to identify website which is susceptible, then makes automatic tool to groan it with bad code.

Website which has been infection the in a flash of course seen normal alias is not seen marking has been infiltrated, so that the owner doesn't realize that there is danger of peeping. Though in fact, the crackers has added a few codes JavaScript.

If this code successfully infiltrates, hence will install a password theft program at victim computer that is visible like ordinary password in a number of game online.

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