24 November 2008

Kingston Produce Of Flashdisk USB 64GB

Kingston Technology Company Inc. produce the newest flashdisk having the biggest depositor media capacities in the line of product Data Traveler. this Flashdisk USB has capacities 64GB.

Request of market would existence of depositor media having pocket edition but having a real big capacities is reason of launching of product with lable Data Traveler 150 or shortened DT150.

"DT 150 is answers to the request is the existing," Nathan Su, Flash Memory Product Manager, APAC REGION KINGSTON, explains in description of mass media, Monday (24/11/2008).

With a real big capacities hence the consumers flashdisk DT 150 having facility in doing backs up digital data as well as saving other files like music, video, important photograph and document without needing is anxious about the limited space.

Kingston DT 150 claimed compatible with Windows Vista, XP and Windows 2000, and Mac OS X 103 upward and Linux 26 upward. Same as all products USB Drive from Kingston, DT 150 also has warranty five years and free technical support.