08 August 2008

Production from Forex

Today is opening of Olympiad 2008 in Beijing. Of course whole world is focused to Beijing. Some athleticses will be contested and it is of course best will get victory. Hopefully Olympiad 2008 in Beijing is will go well.

Today also I get a gladness joy in playing at Forex. Yap...Forex (Foreign Exchange) simply gives production that is fair to middling enough. Under this is screenshoot result plays at Forex today.

06 August 2008

Doesn't Apply Safari Browser

Internet browser consumer Apple Safari is suggested to desists uses it and changes over at other browser. This thing that consumer gets anti phishing protection.

That is consumer magazine annual report interior is notable is United States, Consumer Report. The report explains, Safari risk because is not accompanied tool warning is a dangerous situs or no.

"Browser which many applied by consumer Mac, Safari to have no anti adequate phishing protection," that way mentioned in the report.

[source : WebUser]