24 June 2008

iPhone Porn

Producer content porno partakes brightening up with presents it bright ponsel of Apple iPhone version 3G. They hope, this ponsel would more and more triggers bursts it pornography business mobile.

"Until so far, iPhone is ponsel which very fraternizes for content porno," shouts Devan Chyper, representative from producer konten porno, Syn-City Entertainment.

The business this porno seemingly exploits internet access quickly on the market iPhone, big [screen/sail] and of course browser which able to be pledged.

According to data Google Trend, of course there is fast improvement in seeking with keyword 'iPhone porn'. While based on data AVN Media Network, industrial commerce body of adult, hundreds of sites has offered content sex for iPhone.

With its the streaming video capability, iPhone is expected can always jacks up request to content pornography mobile. More than anything else some of consumers iPhone is target of potential market for industry porn.

Answers to this phenomenon, the side of Apple express that iPhone has special fitur for block that content porno is not accessed underage chlid.

"Software iPhone 20 we give opportunity at the consumers to activate parental control," said mouthpiece word Apple.

[source : Vnunet]

11 June 2008


Non secret again that many students unable to like Iesson of natural philosophy and mathematics. To fish enthusiasm in their learning, iPod and laptop also made as 'equipment of provocation'.

Its way is with making study program giving iming-iming the peripheral present. Program which called this USAgraduate.com open to the students in all New York, starts from class four finite of class 12.

The the students can participate in weekly online quiz testing knowledge about natural philosophy, technology, technics and mathematics.

For student that is successfully wins the quiz, haves a time carries laptop return, iPod Shuffle or an iPod Nano. With this program expected enthusiasm in student to study natural philosophy and mathematics can be raced.

This program x'self still in attempt phase. And now, there are 48 students winning presents that is on the market the.

04 June 2008

Returns Google To Have Problem

For that's all its the times, Google is dragged to trial. This of the search engine giant is accused has publicized news without permit. Google also is claimed millions of dollar.

Company bringing a lawsuit to the court to company being based on in Mountain View is CopiePresse, namely organization of newspaper copyrights advocate Belgia.

Like published by Softpedia, Wednesday (4/6/2008), Google is accused has publicized news written by Le Soir and La Libre Belgique in Google News without permit. Therefore, Google forced to compensate equal to USD $77 million.

When trying to confirmation about this thing, Google refuse to comment. They equivocate that justice bundle they have not received.

This also not the first time Google stumbles problem with CopiePresse. Last year, they also is accused has impinged copyrights by publicizing newspaper news Belgia in Google News.

In its the suing, CopiePress asks Google to remove konten from Google News. Its the reason, Google publicizes this news freely, while Belgia newspaper group though plans sells content they in online.

Besides asking for financial indemnation, CopiePresse also is informed asks Google to publicize justice decision in situs Google News during 20 days.