31 October 2010

Mentawai Islands earthquake rocked back

Mentawai Islands earthquake rocked back. This time a magnitude 5 earthquake on the Richter Scale (SR) and no potential to cause tsunami waves.

Based on the record of Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), The earthquake occurred on Sunday (10/31/2010), at around 19:23 pm.

Epicenter located at 99.74 3:59 LS-BT or 89 kilometers southwest of South Pagai and 105 kilometers southwest of North Pagai, Mentawai, West Sumatra.

Since an earthquake measuring magnitude 7.2 occurred on Monday (10/25/2010) and then, carrying 23 times aftershocks. Average aftershock was a magnitude 5 SR

By the earthquake that followed the tsunami waves as much as 449 people listed as dead, 96 missing, 270 people were seriously injured, 142 people were lightly injured and 14,983 people were displaced.

27 October 2010

Merapi erupts : mbah Maridjan one of the victims were killed

Team victims of the eruption of Mount Merapi evacuation find a body of men in a position of being prostrated at home Mbah Maridjan, Wednesday (10/27/2010) morning. Whether the remains were Mbah Marijan or not, the officer could not confirm his identity.

Head of Public Relations and the Law Hospital Dr. Sardjito Yogyakarta Trisna Heru Nugroho said Wednesday, this time a man's body like Mbah Maridjan is still in the Section of Forensic Medicine Dr. Sardjito Hospital, Yogyakarta.

"The body was taken by the SAR team members and into Dr. Sardjito Hospital at around 6:15 pm. The information we get from the one that brought rescue workers, when found, Mbah Maridjan in conditions of wear batik clothes and sarongs."

Earlier, news about Mbah Maridjan confusing. Got reported, the gatekeeper of Merapi was found safe in a weak condition. During a sweep of the hot cloud, Mbah Maridjan was praying in the mosque which is 100 meters from his house. However, he refused to be evacuated and still want to be in the mosque.

The death toll in the vicinity of the residence Mbah Maridjan result most active volcanoes in Indonesia until Wednesday morning, carrying 16 people.

Members of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) Commander of the Navy, Colonel Pramono, said that while heading home Mbah Maridjan to evacuate, the team found 12 bodies, not including the bodies found in house as many as four people Mbah Maridjan.

He said the team comprising 38 people was evacuated along with other teams. However, the only team that managed to reach the summit because it uses a truck though must face obstacles of fallen trees on the road to Grandma's house Maridjan.

26 October 2010

Sony Playstation Portable 2

The news about Sony's preparation of the latest gaming console, the PlayStation Portable 2 (PSP2) was not a figment. Evidence, the Japanese electronics giant had confirmed the launch schedule.

PSP2 promised would give a new sensation for gamers who are used to carry a portable gaming console. Because the console is quite different from the current PSP. For example, placement of the touch panel.

Touch panel on the PSP2 will reportedly be placed on the back of the console. Forms and their operations are similar to the existing trackpad on a notebook. However, Sony has not revealed its function when to play the game.

Affairs of the screen, though the quality is not better than previous versions, but has a larger dimension. Sony's own claim that the screen supports a resolution high definition (HD).

According to estimates quoted by the Wall Street Journal, a bigger screen to indicate the purpose of creating Sony PSP2 as console gaming, e-book reader, and a netbook.

Sony had boasted that they would launch a PSP2 in late 2011. In the meantime, manufacturers of game from Sakura's Affairs continued to make adjustments to the specifications of these products can be launched.

25 October 2010

Steve Jobs vs Jim Balsillie

CEO of Research in Motion (RIM), Jim Balsillie commented on Apple CEO Steve Jobs claims related to the amount of future sales of smartphones and a 7-inch tablet.

"We think many consumers are now tired with what is said and thought out by Apple," Balsillie said in response to Apple's statement.

"For anyone who is outside the influence of environmental and Apple must have realized if the tablet-sized seven-inch will actually dominate the market," said Balsillie is denied if the size of the tablet was considered too small.

As is known, the current manufacturer of the Blackberry is currently developing a tablet-sized screens 18 cm. This size is still very small when compared to tablets made by Apple, iPad, a screen size of 25 centimeters.

Previously, Jobs made the comments that mention tablet size 7 inches as the responsibility and did not enter into any category. "The device was too small to compete with smartphones and too big to compete with the iPad," he said.

Balsillie had 'slapped' by tilting back behind Apple's Apple's rejection of Adobe Flash videos on the iPad.

"We all know if the Adobe Flash support whatever is best for customers who want the Internet experience wonderful. We also tender when Apple wanted to try to control the ecosystem and set the platform is closed, it was all good for Apple itself. Developers even want more choice, and consumers want full access to the internet that the majority of his web use Flash, "said Balsillie.

22 October 2010

Nokia fired 1800 employees

Although reaching revenue and profit in the third quarter above the predictions of analysts, Nokia plans to sack 1800 employees. Steps are performed his new CEO, Stephen Elop, as part of a restructuring of the Nokia smartphone business.

Nokia said the restructuring would accelerate the transformation and enhance organizational effectiveness in product development for Symbian-based smartphones to be more competitive than its competitors. Termination of employment (FLE) is recognized as an effort to boost the development of Symbian to compete with Apple iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

Although quite a lot, the number of employees will be laid off only a small portion rather than the current number of Nokia employees. The number of Nokia employees are now approximately 131,000 people with 66,000 of them in the joint venture company Nokia Siemens Networks.

Step Elop surprising considering he was the first CEO of Nokia that is not from Finland. Former senior Microsoft executive who came from Canada that replaces Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo who resigned since September 10. Appointment Elop analysts assessed the adjustment reflects the dominance of Nokia against the U.S. and Canada in the evolution of the smart phone business.

21 October 2010

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20 October 2010

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America Coming Venzo and Dartz

American automotive market will be the arrival Zenvo ST1 and Dartz Kombat. Interestingly, and unique at the same time, the two cars came from Denmark and Russia. Countries that have no automotive industry (Denmark) and if any (Russia) for local consumption.

How can it go? In fact, consumers in the land of Uncle Sam's very fanatical about their local products, as well as vehicles that already have names such as from Japan and Europe (Italy, France and Germany). Apparently the two vehicles carrying the general importer (IU) Red Sea Distribution.

Believe it may not, ST1 Zenvo price U.S. $ 1.225 million. Extraordinarily expensive, and the amount he said that much could be to modify the Corvette.

Not explained in detail, what makes the sedan kupe it becomes expensive. Mentioned only 7.0 L V8 engine has been modified by the addition of twin-charged, so that energy into PS 1104. Acceleration 0-100 km / h is achieved in under three seconds.

ST1 own Zenvo just started production last year as many as 15 units per year by Zenvo Automotive in Denmark. Research and its development started 2004, while the prototype and to test the road completed early last year.

The other product, Dartz Kombat T98 is more like the Hummer H1 is priced 225 000 U.S. dollars. Originally this SUV Range Rover Vogue which has been modified by Armet Armored Vehicles, owned by a Russian businessman, Armet Gurkha.

Initially, the bullet-proof vehicle was made by AK-47 type weapons and grenades. The body is made of thick steel with glass as thick as 7 cm. Even if weight is quite heavy, but the car can be raced 180 km / h thanks to the Vortec V8 engine

19 October 2010

IPad Sales Forecast Still on Bottom

Apple's sales and net income that was announced on Monday (10/18/2010) when the U.S. managed to surpass analyst predictions. But, sales are still below projections iPad.

Apple posted a net profit of 4.31 billion U.S. dollars or 4.64 dollars per share at the end of the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2009/2010 which ended last September. This figure jumped from earnings in the same quarter last year which only 2.53 billion U.S. dollars. Achievements were also above analysts' consensus profit forecast of just 4.08 dollars per share.

In the same period, Apple posted sales of 20.3 billion U.S. dollars, surged 67 percent from a year earlier. This figure also exceeded analysts' predictions that only 18.9 billion U.S. dollars.

Although performance is generally good, analysts highlight more iPad sales, the new flagship Apple product. Until last September, Apple was only able to sell 4.19 million units iPad or below analyst projections that reach 5 million units.

One of the main problems faced by Apple is the bottleneck in the production process. Due to the rate of production can not catch up growth in demand, now, buyers have to wait for weeks to get their orders iPad.

Yes, most likely, iPad sales still jumped into the holiday period will end in 2010. However, sales figures iPad until the end of September it was already making investors disappointed. As a result, on Monday (18/10/2010), Apple shares slumped 6 percent to 299.02 U.S. dollars per share in additional trading session of the New York Stock Exchange. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq, Apple's stock price closed at a rate of 318 dollars per share.

RIM Officially Launches the BlackBerry Style

Research in Motion (RIM) officially introduced the new BlackBerry, Style 9670. CDMA smartphones that have long been the talk of this, first released in the United States with Sprint service.

Style brings a rare form among other BlackBerry family, the flip or shell. This smartphone will be two OS BlackBerry bearer number 6 after the BlackBerry Torch.

Being overweight Style impressed. RIM pin external screen resolution of 240x360 pixels to display various information, such as clock or message. When opened, the inner screen measuring 2.7 inch 360x400 pixels resolution, with the BlackBerry interface 6.

Different from most shaped flip phone that normally adopt a numeric keypad, BlackBery Style carries a full qwerty keyboard. While the navigation relies on the trackpad.

"With the full qwerty keyboard and still very elegant form, the BlackBerry Style level rise in terms of appearance," claimed David Smith, Vice President of Product Management RIM.

Smartphone EVDO Rev relies on connectivity. A 3G and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n. While the processor is a Qualcomm 624 MHz.

What else is there in Style? RIM include GPS, 3.5 mm stereo headset, a 5 megapixel camera, 512 MB RAM, and a Micro SD slot. The operator Sprint will market starting October 31, 2010 at USD 99 in 2-year contract.

BlackBerry Style assessed as a gambling for the rim, because the shell-style smartphones are less successful in the market, call it the BlackBerry 8220 Pearl.

12 October 2010

CEO Most Expensive and Cheapest

Results of a survey conducted Glass Lewis & Co. show, Chief Executive Officer Carol Bartz Yahoo! Inc. ranks the top executives are paid too much in leading company performance is poor.

Bartz began his career at Yahoo! in early 2009. In the last year, he pocketed 39 million dollars which is the highest compensation among a number of executives in 25 companies that are too expensive to pay the leaders joined in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.

In the calculation, Gass Lewis incorporate a number of indicators ranging from stock prices, cash operations, and growth in earnings per share. The majority of compensation received by Bartz, including options to purchase shares below market price. Yahoo! efforts to improve competitiveness against its rival, Facebook Inc. and Google Inc., it seems still difficult because under his leadership Yahoo! still running in place.

"Bartz is an example of the many problems we encounter in other companies where the companies were paying expensive leader. The policy is done so that the leader does not move to work elsewhere," according to a report written by Glass Lewis.

According to Spokesman Yahoo! Dana Lengkeek, Bartz received a majority of compensation is stock options that can not be taken home. Bartz will only be able to withdraw the stock options if they meet certain achievement targets. Stocks that will not be sold until 2013, except in certain circumstances.

Meanwhile, two executives who are paid positions are overpriced Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Michael Jeffries with a total of 38.5 million dollars compensation. Position three is CEO Eugene Isenberg Nabors Industries Ltd. with a total of 38.2 million dollars compensation.

While Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the CEO who paid the lowest paid CEO in the category of generosity. Jobs revenues per month last year only 1 U.S. dollar.

08 October 2010

Google Trends versus Yahoo! Buzzlist

Trending topics is information about hot topics and much sought after on the internet. To see the trends that are sought after on the internet we can see on Google Trends or Yahoo! Buzzlist.

There is a difference trends topics on Google Trends and Yahoo! Buzzlist. Google Trends does not much matter the topic warmth of celebrities, while in the warmth of Yahoo! Buzzlist topics: Kim Kardashian, Kirstie Alley, Julianne Hough. Trends are similar in Google Trends and Yahoo! Buzzlist about Ufo Over China.

07 October 2010

Mario Kempes became Stadium Name

One form of awards to people who have a service in football is to make the person's name as the name of the stadium. It's also what is now experienced by Mario Kempes.

Kempes is a former national player who successfully deliver Argentine Tango team became world champion in 1978.

The man nicknamed Matador become 1978 World Cup top scorer with six goals that he's off. Kempes scored two goals in the final when beating Holland 3-1.

New Features Enhance Intimacy up

Facebook announced new features on its social networking service, on Wednesday (10/06/2010). One of them is the improvement of the Group feature designed to improve user communication and intimacy of his friends, family, or his gang though.

This feature allows users categorize the list of friends in small groups so as to interact more intensively in groups. According to management up, features the group will help users to search for a different group of friends so that they can share certain information to the people a choice.

"This is a product. But it also represents a very fundamental to building social networks in the future," said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg.

This feature is also implemented in the Facebook chat so that fellow users can communicate directly together in a chatroom. Users also can meminat for all communications in Group sent to its e-mail so that it remains to know the information is appropriate to a mailing list. In fact, it could be set for all e-mail sent will appear in the page group.

Another feature that was published up is Places to report the location of the user that will be distributed to all users in the near future. Facebook is also adding a feature that allows users to download data and ease of manage applications and games that use user

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