12 October 2010

CEO Most Expensive and Cheapest

Results of a survey conducted Glass Lewis & Co. show, Chief Executive Officer Carol Bartz Yahoo! Inc. ranks the top executives are paid too much in leading company performance is poor.

Bartz began his career at Yahoo! in early 2009. In the last year, he pocketed 39 million dollars which is the highest compensation among a number of executives in 25 companies that are too expensive to pay the leaders joined in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.

In the calculation, Gass Lewis incorporate a number of indicators ranging from stock prices, cash operations, and growth in earnings per share. The majority of compensation received by Bartz, including options to purchase shares below market price. Yahoo! efforts to improve competitiveness against its rival, Facebook Inc. and Google Inc., it seems still difficult because under his leadership Yahoo! still running in place.

"Bartz is an example of the many problems we encounter in other companies where the companies were paying expensive leader. The policy is done so that the leader does not move to work elsewhere," according to a report written by Glass Lewis.

According to Spokesman Yahoo! Dana Lengkeek, Bartz received a majority of compensation is stock options that can not be taken home. Bartz will only be able to withdraw the stock options if they meet certain achievement targets. Stocks that will not be sold until 2013, except in certain circumstances.

Meanwhile, two executives who are paid positions are overpriced Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Michael Jeffries with a total of 38.5 million dollars compensation. Position three is CEO Eugene Isenberg Nabors Industries Ltd. with a total of 38.2 million dollars compensation.

While Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the CEO who paid the lowest paid CEO in the category of generosity. Jobs revenues per month last year only 1 U.S. dollar.

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