22 October 2010

Nokia fired 1800 employees

Although reaching revenue and profit in the third quarter above the predictions of analysts, Nokia plans to sack 1800 employees. Steps are performed his new CEO, Stephen Elop, as part of a restructuring of the Nokia smartphone business.

Nokia said the restructuring would accelerate the transformation and enhance organizational effectiveness in product development for Symbian-based smartphones to be more competitive than its competitors. Termination of employment (FLE) is recognized as an effort to boost the development of Symbian to compete with Apple iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

Although quite a lot, the number of employees will be laid off only a small portion rather than the current number of Nokia employees. The number of Nokia employees are now approximately 131,000 people with 66,000 of them in the joint venture company Nokia Siemens Networks.

Step Elop surprising considering he was the first CEO of Nokia that is not from Finland. Former senior Microsoft executive who came from Canada that replaces Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo who resigned since September 10. Appointment Elop analysts assessed the adjustment reflects the dominance of Nokia against the U.S. and Canada in the evolution of the smart phone business.

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