21 October 2010

try to increase traffic with adf.ly

already 2 days I did register at adf.ly to try to increase blog traffic writes in blogger. I do this on the recommendation of a friend who traffic blogs to increase the number of visits.

Friends only takes 1 day to increase blog traffic through advertising in adf.ly. but what happened to blog writes in blogger just the opposite. until the post was made, there were no signs of blog traffic is increasing.

based on traffic alexa rank, blog writes in blogger writes this traffic declined. adf.ly it possible to do a lie just to get $5 ?

2 komentar:

andris said...

don't try for any blog friend..

sexylegsandbody said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my site and for leaving a comment.

My point of view on this matter is that it is a scam. Right now I have links on my site which also promised more traffic. Well since installing them my traffic has dropped by just about 500 per day. So since reading this post of yours, I have started to remove them.

I think that confirms your suspicion.

Have a great day.