19 October 2010

IPad Sales Forecast Still on Bottom

Apple's sales and net income that was announced on Monday (10/18/2010) when the U.S. managed to surpass analyst predictions. But, sales are still below projections iPad.

Apple posted a net profit of 4.31 billion U.S. dollars or 4.64 dollars per share at the end of the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2009/2010 which ended last September. This figure jumped from earnings in the same quarter last year which only 2.53 billion U.S. dollars. Achievements were also above analysts' consensus profit forecast of just 4.08 dollars per share.

In the same period, Apple posted sales of 20.3 billion U.S. dollars, surged 67 percent from a year earlier. This figure also exceeded analysts' predictions that only 18.9 billion U.S. dollars.

Although performance is generally good, analysts highlight more iPad sales, the new flagship Apple product. Until last September, Apple was only able to sell 4.19 million units iPad or below analyst projections that reach 5 million units.

One of the main problems faced by Apple is the bottleneck in the production process. Due to the rate of production can not catch up growth in demand, now, buyers have to wait for weeks to get their orders iPad.

Yes, most likely, iPad sales still jumped into the holiday period will end in 2010. However, sales figures iPad until the end of September it was already making investors disappointed. As a result, on Monday (18/10/2010), Apple shares slumped 6 percent to 299.02 U.S. dollars per share in additional trading session of the New York Stock Exchange. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq, Apple's stock price closed at a rate of 318 dollars per share.

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