07 October 2010

New Features Enhance Intimacy up

Facebook announced new features on its social networking service, on Wednesday (10/06/2010). One of them is the improvement of the Group feature designed to improve user communication and intimacy of his friends, family, or his gang though.

This feature allows users categorize the list of friends in small groups so as to interact more intensively in groups. According to management up, features the group will help users to search for a different group of friends so that they can share certain information to the people a choice.

"This is a product. But it also represents a very fundamental to building social networks in the future," said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg.

This feature is also implemented in the Facebook chat so that fellow users can communicate directly together in a chatroom. Users also can meminat for all communications in Group sent to its e-mail so that it remains to know the information is appropriate to a mailing list. In fact, it could be set for all e-mail sent will appear in the page group.

Another feature that was published up is Places to report the location of the user that will be distributed to all users in the near future. Facebook is also adding a feature that allows users to download data and ease of manage applications and games that use user

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