27 October 2010

Merapi erupts : mbah Maridjan one of the victims were killed

Team victims of the eruption of Mount Merapi evacuation find a body of men in a position of being prostrated at home Mbah Maridjan, Wednesday (10/27/2010) morning. Whether the remains were Mbah Marijan or not, the officer could not confirm his identity.

Head of Public Relations and the Law Hospital Dr. Sardjito Yogyakarta Trisna Heru Nugroho said Wednesday, this time a man's body like Mbah Maridjan is still in the Section of Forensic Medicine Dr. Sardjito Hospital, Yogyakarta.

"The body was taken by the SAR team members and into Dr. Sardjito Hospital at around 6:15 pm. The information we get from the one that brought rescue workers, when found, Mbah Maridjan in conditions of wear batik clothes and sarongs."

Earlier, news about Mbah Maridjan confusing. Got reported, the gatekeeper of Merapi was found safe in a weak condition. During a sweep of the hot cloud, Mbah Maridjan was praying in the mosque which is 100 meters from his house. However, he refused to be evacuated and still want to be in the mosque.

The death toll in the vicinity of the residence Mbah Maridjan result most active volcanoes in Indonesia until Wednesday morning, carrying 16 people.

Members of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) Commander of the Navy, Colonel Pramono, said that while heading home Mbah Maridjan to evacuate, the team found 12 bodies, not including the bodies found in house as many as four people Mbah Maridjan.

He said the team comprising 38 people was evacuated along with other teams. However, the only team that managed to reach the summit because it uses a truck though must face obstacles of fallen trees on the road to Grandma's house Maridjan.

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