31 October 2010

Mentawai Islands earthquake rocked back

Mentawai Islands earthquake rocked back. This time a magnitude 5 earthquake on the Richter Scale (SR) and no potential to cause tsunami waves.

Based on the record of Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), The earthquake occurred on Sunday (10/31/2010), at around 19:23 pm.

Epicenter located at 99.74 3:59 LS-BT or 89 kilometers southwest of South Pagai and 105 kilometers southwest of North Pagai, Mentawai, West Sumatra.

Since an earthquake measuring magnitude 7.2 occurred on Monday (10/25/2010) and then, carrying 23 times aftershocks. Average aftershock was a magnitude 5 SR

By the earthquake that followed the tsunami waves as much as 449 people listed as dead, 96 missing, 270 people were seriously injured, 142 people were lightly injured and 14,983 people were displaced.

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