11 March 2008


SeoContest2008 one of place webmaster to confront traffik in search engine has been started. UK WEBMASTER WORLD as organizing committee provides present equal to $1000 for winner SeoContest2008. Closed contest date of 1 April 2008 the many in following webmaster in the world.

For highest rangking in this SeoContest2008, you can see passing :


Today 11 March 2008 position of 5 rank to from result of seeking in Google is as follows :

1. seocontest2008.com
2. seocontest2008-sphere.com
3. seocontest2008.uk.com
4. pogung177.com/seocontest2008
5. seocontest2008.org

War SEO has been started, the same as to campaign war done by Hillary Clinton with Obama to occupy American presidency chair.

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