31 March 2008

Only Linux which Cannot Be Pierced

MacBook Air becomes first product successfully is leaked hacker. a laptop Fujitsu using Windows Vista to become the next victim. But, laptop Vaio with operating system Linux still not able be pierced at hacking competition in having conference CanSecWest in Vancouver, Kanada is taking place 26-28 Marchs 2008.

competition had been started since day firstly conference, Wednesday (26/3). Sponsored provides present for the price of $US 20000 just for who of which able to conquer one of them is in first day. But none conference participant ready.

When present downwards its the half in second day with order which more clearance, Charlie Miller from Independent Security Evaluator successfully takes over Mac which applies system operation OSX 10.5.2. He pierces security and safety of the laptop through weakness of web browser Safari after two minutes works. Present $US 10000 is entitled to be walked off with it following its the laptop.

In last day, innings Macaulay, becoming second winner in similar contest last year, successfully conquers laptop Fujitsu with Windows Vista SP1. But, this of he do not do his own and assisted to be expert of VMware Alexander Sotirov and its the friend crane Colloway.

How to both piercing the security and safety system is not explained specifically because according to competition order of the secret has just may be expressed after exit patch or mend from each company. Macaulay only tell that weakness of Vista which utility blessing of existence of incompatibility of platform Java at the operating system.

"This thing is having effect also at Linux and Vista," says Macaulay. But, until last day simply do not an also successfully pierces Linux Ubuntu 710 at Vaio VGN-TZ37CN though has tried variously.

Some of 400 participants is reported to finds some weakness at operating system bases on open source. But, altogether cannot make exploitation code needed to conquers according to contest order.

"I hardly surpriseding there's nothing able do it," says Terri Forsloff, security and safety response manager of Tipping Point which menyeponsori this contest.

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