25 March 2008

Microsoft acquisition Komoku

As effort to increase its the security and safety system, Microsoft acquisition security and safety company will of Komoku, detector producer rootkit (gathering of software bad with aim to hide process, file and system data is being run from an operating system).

Technology made in Komoku later will complement product Forefront and Windows Live OneCare. Forefront is software security and safety including protection of malware for PC, tool security and safety for server Exchange and SharePoint and gateway.

Whereas OneCare is security and safety software package for consumer PC which scan applicable to be virus and spyware, backs up file and assists network management.

As information, Komoku am security and safety company producing detector rootkit build at 2004. The company now believe to handle network security problem in some government organizations of United States, as in Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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