07 April 2008

Goal Cassani Subdues Juventus

Have time to exeed 2-0, victory of Palermo evanescent approximant when Juventusntus equalizes score thus 2-2. Finite finally came late goal of Mattia Cassani ascertaining Palermo to win 3-2. Contention of Palermo vs Juventus passed off in this Stadion Renzo Barbera takes place exclaiming and proportional relative. Both citadels changes does attack to opponent defence. Has just 11 minutes contest takes place, Palermo have been pre-eminent direct. It Is Carvalho Amauri scoring a goal opener after before all through individual action dribbles ball almost from middle of field. The action is terminated with a right foot/feet kick making goal to gate Juventus. new Juventus simply menacing when Giorgio Chiellini to avail opportunity in minute 35. Greets a corner kick, butt Chiellini, back partaking advance to groan, still bouncing up above gate ruler. In first act end, Palermo enlarges its the excellence. Returns Amauri becoming problem for defence Juventus. Fabio Caserta releases a bait to withdraw from left side and direct ball is greeted with head stretcher Amauri. Keeper Juventus, Gianluigi Buffon, only can be kept quiet sees its the gate goal again. But Juventus doesn't surender. Only seven minutes after second act is started, Lanthanum Vecchia Signora scores a goal first of they. This goal printed by Alessandro del Piero kicking ball rebound result of kick Momo Sissoko which only can be parried keeper Palermo, Alberto Fontana.

The next six minutes, a kick Nicola Legrottaglie from long distance also have time to make the fans Palermo must arrest detain breath. Gate Palermo still safing because ball still beside. Many times tries, Juventus finally equalizes position at calculation minute ke-71. Again exploits ball result of rebound, Del Piero scores a goal both Bianconeri. Old Striker greets ball after stretcher David Trezeguet is parried by Fontana. Del Piero almost print hattrick in minute ke-80. Expertise of Del Piero executes approximant free kick to bring its the team back of exeeding. But free-kick Del Piero collides pillar. But Fontana sprierly parries ball and protects its the gate. Two opportunities Juventus, each in minute 84 and 86 also fails meets target. Firstly, wide Trezeguet kick and second, butt Vincenzo Iaquinta floats above gate Palermo. Disaster comes for Juventus two minutes before fight after. Cassani scores a goal victory of Palermo with a firm gunfire discharged from distance 30 yards! Gate admission ball Buffon to multiply is third tonight. too Short remaining time for Juventus to return to reciprocates. When referee breezes sign whistle after of contest, score 3-2 is stands at bay and means Palermo is entitled to to three numbers. This victory makes Palermo crawls rising one stripes to position of 12 klasemen with 39 points. Degradation shadow also go away from citadel Rosanero. While for Juventus, result of practical this wipes out champion opportunity I Bianconeri.

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