07 April 2008

House Photograph Makes Google To Hit Claiming

Just because its the house photograph is presented in online service Google Street View, couple Aaaron and Christine Boring thus disgruntled. A couple living in United States (ACE) that also non reluctant files a bill law to Google.

Initially, this couple buys house at the price of USD 163000 on the chance of getting privasi and life calmness. But after Google takes house photograph they to be presented in Street View, this couple feels disturbed.

Answers to the demand, mouthpiece Google Larry Yu affirms, Google respects willingness they which do not wish to draw is certain is presented in website. Even if needs, Google would soon vanishs it.

But this Google answer assumed unsatisfactory. Lawyer a couple the affirms, what done by Google was an attack to privasi which may not be repeatable again in front.

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