04 March 2010

Symbian Vs Android

Symbian is the smart phone operating system that now rules the world. Until February 2010, the Symbian platform has been developed more than 10 years and has been buried in more than 330 million devices worldwide.

The rate on Symbian smart phones are not overtaken by other operating systems because the power of the operating system that allows outside developers to build applications on Symbian phones.

So, thousands of applications were born free and paid software developers from throughout the world. This is what makes the Symbian mobile phone and content-rich Symbian users are individuals who like to create new innovations.

Although there are estimates Android operating system will be number two on the bottom Symbian in 2013, Symbian was still become a stable force. Moreover, according to Motorola officials promised, in 2010, the Symbian Foundation has released the full operating system as open code.

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