03 March 2010

Do not Press F1

Microsoft found a weakness in the software. In order to prevent this vulnerability exploited, Microsoft recommends users not to press F1 while browsing the Internet site.

A weakness has been discovered in VBScript precisely this weakness will affect the computer that runs Windows XP and Internet Explorer browser (IE).

This weakness could be exploited when users press the F1 key. Button is usually used to call the help function (Help menu) in Windows applications.

"If a malicious website that displays the dialog box specially made and the user pressed F1, a malicious code can run on a user's computer in accordance with the user's authority," the warning from Microsoft.

Microsoft offered several ways to prevent this weakness to attack your computer:

* Do not press F1 when prompted by a particular site
* Disable access to Windows Help
* Change IE security rules to be 'High' to block ActiveX
* Set IE to give a warning when about to run ActiveX

Once again, this vulnerability affects computers that are running Internet Explorer browser on the operating system Microsoft Windows XP. User operating system or other browser software will not be affected.

source : detikinet

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