16 July 2009

The Trade Passion In The Share In Wall Street

The report on finance that was impressive from Intelligence Corp made shares in Wall Street again passionate. The achievement of the Intelligence at least showed again hope of the increase in the technological expenses including the improvement of the profitability of the company. Intelligence announced the report on finance that exceeded ekspektasi the analyst for the personal request computer (PC). Intelligence beforehand announced the loss US$ 398 million during the period April-June, after being affected by the fine blow US$ 1.45 billion of the European unions. However if not counting on the effect of this fine, Intelligence could print the income per the share 18 penny, or better than ekspektasi the analyst that only 8 penny per the share.

Intelligence also made an announcement outlook that brightened, so as his share jumped until 7.3% became the US 18.05. "Intelligence was the connector from the whole of the technological industry." So when they stated his optimism sepitar the consumer who was increasingly active to the PC line, then that will forecast many good matters, said David Katz, the Chief investment officer Matrix Asset Advisor. In the trade on Wednesday (15/7/2009), the Dow Jones index industrial average (DJIA) was closed rose as far as 256.72 points (3.07%) to the level 8,616.21. The index of Standard & Poor apostr s 500 also rose 26.84 points (2.96%) to the level 932.68 and Nasdaq jumped 63.17 points (3.51%) to the level 1,862.90.

Shares of technology became the star like IBM that jumped 3.9%, Google rose 3.2%. Apart from shares of technology, shares of the financial sector also were involved in strengthening anticipated the issuing of the report on finance. The share JPMorgan was recorded strengthened as far as 4.5%. The investor was also pushed by the issuing of the note produced by the Federal Open Market Committee meeting (FOMC) that stated that the economy will improve in the semester Ii, but still would emnghadapi the sensitivity. The trade was moderate enough, with the transaction in New York Stock Exchange reached 1.37 billion, below in general last year totalling 1.49 billion. Now in Nasdaq, the transaction reached 2.53 billion, above in general last year that reached 2.28 billion.

source : Reuters

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