15 July 2009

Tips Avoided Pig Flu

Several tips that could be carried out to avoid swine flu:

  1. Tight-lipped and the nose with tissue when the cough and sneezed.
  2. Discarded tissue that was used.
  3. Wash the hands after the cough or sneezed. Don't held the mouth, the nose or the eyes because the virus could develop.
  4. Avoid contact with the person was sick.
  5. Continue to in the house if felt was sick, and don't go out of the house before the illness recovered the total for approximately 24 hours.
  6. Often washed the hands by using water flowed and soap for 20 seconds every time was finished held the public's object.
  7. If wanting to go overseas, the health cheque with the doctor and confirmed the country that was visited was not affected by the pandemic swine flu.
  8. Continue to maintain the health and the pattern ate that was balanced.

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