03 August 2009

Apple Releases Patches iPhone Bug

After warning that the iPhone can become damaged through consignment from SMS, Apple finally released a patch to close this bug. Patch to fix a bug in the operating system OS 3.0.1 iPhone that has been released since Friday (31/7). This patch must be downloaded from iTunes to beforehand, after that can be installed in the iPhone is connected to the computer. Not there is fitur just that was offered, pure only to improve bug then.

Apple also warned the user iPhone to immediately renewed software they with patch that just was released. This matter must be done considering the existence of the possibility hacker immediately will make use of bug in iPhone that. The existence bug in iPhone beforehand has been raised by two researchers of the computer, Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner of the protection system, in the Black Hat conference that took place in Las Vegas, last Thursday (30/7). Both of them found bug iPhone when checking the sensitivity in the system of SMS communication that where being used to send the short message and software upgraded.

Miller and Mulliner decided to inform this defect to the public. This matter was done so that the user iPhone was aware of the danger that threatened as well as warned Apple Inc. to immediately act.

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