31 July 2009

The Weakness iPhone

iPhone was gadget ideal anyone. Gadget that had several fitur that benefitted his user evidently also had the weakness. This weakness was explained by the security researcher in the United States that is enough with a SMS, iPhone property of any user could be hijacked by the side was not responsible. The weakness was revealed by Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner, the security researcher of the computer in the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, the United States. The SMS that could break into iPhone that only contained one character of the box then. If the user received the SMS like that it was suggested to immediately deadly iPhone him because if not all information could be inside taken over.

Not only stole information, the weakness that was revealed by Miller and Mulliner it seems enabled who to take over iPhone property of the user. This including undertaking the function of the camera, the microphone and continued the dangerous SMS. Miller and Mulliner admitted to informing this weakness to Apple since more than one months ago. However Apple was named still not dismissed patch that could overcome him.

The similar weakness could be also made use of to the cellular phone with the Android operation system. The difference is, Google released patch to close the weakness after was informed by Miller and Mulliner.

source : Forbes

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