30 July 2009

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone was fitur that was available in gadget iPhone. Fitur this could be used to know the existence iPhone that was lost was stolen. With fitur this an adolescent in Colorado, the United States could find the existence of his pet cellular phone when being lost was stolen.

Distin Simantob (15) that time when encountering 4 windows of his father's car broke out and all the valuable things inside disappeared, including iPhone 3GS belonging to him. This unlucky incident happened when on Thursday (30/7/2009) Simantob and his family was doing river the trip and left their car. Not there is again that they could do post the theft, apart from reported to closest police and afterwards returned to the house.

His profit, an arrival in the Simantob house be reminded something that could help him found came back iPhone him, that is fitur the cellular phone tracker that has he setting and he registered in the site mobile-tracking. By using this site, Simantob then finally had succeeded in tracing the cellular phone that was stolen earlier. "This tracing ended in a house close to the location" of the "incident, so I remained"

source : DailyMail

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