16 May 2008

Man and Sexual

More championly theorizes
Based on research done by drug company is having Berocca to 650 mans, concluded wilier man theorized compared to practice. Modern life now makes man to finish more time to work, so that so gets home chooses to sleep than doing sexual activity. As a result, they is fantasy a more regular the problem of sex, even in when imprecise, like when business meeting.

Asian Man is more hot
This do not joke, but based on survey done by Bayer Healthcare to 5010 mans in Australian, Korea, Taiwan, Singapura, and Malaysia. If in AS and Europe, man vitalseksual (man above age 40 years believing the important sex) only 18 percentage of population, in Asia reachs 42 %. Much higher from Europe man aliance and American. Even Indonesia is not be including, can be assumed represented.

Worries is pocket edition
Size does matter, often is believed the man. Ashamed if Mr. P is small so that daren't to come near woman. Though according to expert of seksologi, sexual happiness is not defined by measure Mr. P.

Enthusiasm rise if...
Sees woman having backside good, face alike characterization of blue film, form of full lip, likes speaking grazes, and dress meagrely open.

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