18 April 2008

Iran Alleges Google Manipulation of History

Returns online map service Google Earth gets protest the problem of wrong region is description.

This, Iran country innings launching hard protest to Google. The reason is, Google is assessed to flatters fact history of by mentioning region in Mid-East which is identical enough with Iran so called 'Persian Gulf', as 'Gulf of Arab' in Google Earth.

Overseas Ministry Mouthpiece of Iran, Mohammad-Ali Hosseini criticizes sharply Google about this problem. Even he assess the reeling mistake intended by Google.

Hossein asserts, name 'Persian Gulf' inviolable since have already been documentation carefully in history.

Hence, he asks whole Iran public in or abroad does protest at related Google of this problem.

Before all, the same case also have ever befalled magazine National Geographic where they also wrong calls 'Persian Gulf' as 'Gulf of Arab' in the year 2004.

On the other side, Participation Party of Iran Islam express that what done this Google Earth can generate conflict in Mid-East region. [TehranTimes]

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