15 April 2008

Google Loves Children

Google creates special software to assist traces criminal activity exploiting childs sexuality side do not sin in internet.

Google creates the technology to institute protection of chlid, National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The technology developed from software used by Google in blacking out certain video in one of sites its the property, YouTube.

Cited from BBC, the program can identify internet file containing content sexual insult with interest easy and quickly. File organization and or video also expressed to more effective.

According to scientist Google leading this project, Shumeet Baluja, increasingly the many criminals using internet to exploit chlid, data which must be investigation of also more and more leaps.

As picture, since the year 2002 NCMEC had checked more than 13 million insult pictures of sexual child of in illusory world.

"Criminal clan has used technology now in exploited children. Hence we also must do the same thing," express CEO NCMEC, Ernie Allen about adoption of this Google technology.

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