23 May 2008

Global Warming in Google Earth

Global warming influence to earth planet now is mapped in internet. Google adds fitur in its the online service, Google Earth, to show how situation of earth in the middle of change effect of climate in a period of to coming 100 years.

Exploits data from knowledge institute of British Met Office Hadley Centre and British Antarctic Survey, animation in Google Earth illustrated change of air temperature in various states.

For example only, temperature in Australian is predicted will increase 5 to eight degree of celcius in the year 2099. Various dangers also very menaces is including crop failure, abundant floods and temperature atmosphere.

Effect is ugly possibility is knocking over region Artik which in the year its the 2099 temperatures can go up to 18 degree of celcius. This thing only can be avoided if glasshouse emission of gas downwards drastic.

[source : news.com]

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