11 April 2008

Christian Institute Sues Google

Google returns to having problem with group of religion. This, a group of Christian religion in English, Christian Institute, sues Google. This suing floated by Google to refuse displays an anti abortion advertisement from the group.

Initially, Christian Institute wish to pay for Google so that when word 'abortion' searched through via the searching machine, link sites the group having address in http://www.christian.org.uk will emerge at computer screen side.

However Google refuses this advertisement because assessed to impinges its the policy which do not wish to present abortion issue from religious in perpective. As for advertisement about abortion from group of secular can be presented in Google.

But seemingly, Christian Institute do not receive with statement of this Google so that they also soon launchs suing process to local justice. Basis its the law is invitors Equality Act about discrimination.

"Google cannot treat group of secular specially and sensors religious opinion sight," explicitly Mike Judge, mouthpiece Christian Institute.

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