26 February 2008

Hacker Launchs Tool Attacker Google

Hacker group 'Cult of the Dead Cow', makes a free tool so called Goolag. Goolag is claimed to facilitates the hackers to launch its the action by exploiting website popular searching machine, Google.

Software open source enables hacker applies it to use Google in business is looking for the security and safety gap in website Internet. Exploiting of Google for hacker activity like this of course is reported often is done, but by the way of a real complicated.

Goolag is claimed easy to be applied, either by the hackers or expert of computer security which wish to use it. Its the technique bases on technology developed a researcher from institute Computer Sciences Corp, Johny Long.

Johny pass the time through years to check how Google can be used to know security and safety gap in website made an index to by it.

'Cult of Dead Cow' reported is hacker group that is enough legendaris in year end era of 90th. This hacker group have ever created a software so called 'Back Orifice' capable to pierce into computer using operating system Windows.

"I think this is not goods which really has just, but I think Goolag to make action of hacking via Google becomes easier," said comments from Robert Hansen, website computer security, Sechteory.com

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