31 December 2010

Bromo spew Material Glow

Mount Bromo back spewing brownish gray ash and incandescent material, accompanied by a roar loud enough. Even the rumble intensity longer than ever before.

"The earthquake tremors continuously with amplitude of 40 mm max. Yesterday, just 55 minutes. And now much longer and larger thundering voice,"M Subhan, observation post officer of Mount Bromo, in Cemoro Lawang.

Incandescent material according to Subhan, still fall at the foot of Mount Bromo. Or is about 150 meters radius from the crater lip. Bursts of ash which is fast enough with a height of 1,200 meters, and wind direction to the east and northeast.

According to him, vomit this incandescent material as an indication of the increase in the magma surface. "That was also the explosion sound terdengan 2 times from the crater," said Subhan.

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