13 December 2010

The Top Gadget 2010

Tablet 10 inch Apple iPad named crowned as the top gadget in the year 2010 version of Time magazine.

On the other hand, Google's rivals as Apple also scored no less glorious achievement. Despite failing to reach the highest, some of their products successfully through the list. Here are 10 gadgets of the top 2010 version of Time magazine:

1. iPad

iPad is not the first touchscreen tablet, but the most successful. Just imagine, 3 million units sold out within the first month of marketing.

2. Samsung Galaxy S

Predicate as one of the best Android smartphone in 2010 fell to the Galaxy S. The combination of the Android software and hardware make it attractive technology enthusiasts.

3. 11-inch MacBook Air

Despite relatively high priced, no doubt charm design of this 11-inch MacBook Air.

4. Google TV Revue Via Logitech

Logitech device allows users assessed in accessing Google TV or look at television with the conventional way.

5. Nexus

Nexus One can not succeed as expected Google. Still Nexus get special treatment and guaranteed to get the Android OS updates over the phone 'green robots' other.

6. iPhone 4

Retina-screen technology on the iPhone 4 quite phenomenal. And like the iPhone before, millions of units already sold.

7. Apple TV

Apple TV is seen to bring changes for consumers to access content in movies, television programs and so forth.

8. Toshiba Libretto Laptop Dual-Screen

This laptop is different from the other, with two touch screen facility. The existence of a physical keyboard is no longer needed.

9. Kinect

Microsoft makes breakthrough with Kinect, in which the human body so game controllers. This system was considered to be more popular than the Nintendo Wii.

10. Nook Color

The screen color on Color Nook otherwise comparable with the technology in Apple iPad. Color Nook was deemed more qualified than the e-book reader display other colors.

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