07 January 2011

Tricks Facebook beat Google

Facebook managed to beat Google in the United States (U.S.) as the most visited sites. Thus was launched the internet analytic institute, Hitwise, and quoted by CNN on Saturday (01/01/2011).

Then, how Facebook beat Google? Perhaps this Hitwise data released does not represent all the truth. Because if the firm is entering the position of YouTube then Facebook could not beat him. One area is owned Facebook online identity.

Earlier times people have to remember all the usernames, passwords, in one form. Now, they can use the account faceboook to do all things at all related sites. Facebook perform this step because this company has 500 million users.

As a result, Facebook become de-facto identity system for the web. Institutions observer of social networking sites Gigya and claimed that many users Facebook using a number of sites to login, which accounted for 46 percent rather than Google which only 17 percent.

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