10 January 2011

The Rolls-Royce Apparition

Already a variety of 'Ghosts' was born from a British manufacturer Rolls-Royce, after Phantom, Ghost, now is the latest concept car that is not less intense, the Rolls-Royce Apparition.

Unlike other ghosts that have been produced, this one car is still the result of scratching the hands of a young designer. He is Jeremy Westerlund, who designed this car for independent projects while studying at the Art Center.

The idea itself combines the ideas of classic cars and futuristic cars. Cars equipped with mahogany wheel and the driver will feel the air because the driver's seat is placed with the open like a classic car.

Even so Westerlund said that this car makes the driver feel like a ghost hidden behind the luxurious interior and personal.

Although only limited to the model, this car if it becomes apparent will be longer in length about 4 feet from the car Phantom.

Westerlund describe this car as an ultra-luxurious limousine driven to evoke elegance and sophistication of past cars that are extinct.

"This car is about to be seen, but at the same time could disappear like Apparition (ghost)," he said on his official website

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