11 January 2011

Facebook Answer Closure Issues

Facebook closing news shocked many people. Starting from the inscriptions on the parody site called Weeklyworldnews, this rumor spread quickly in cyberspace and not a few who believe it just like that.

If so, are very many people would feel lost. For about 500 million users, has become facebook favorite sites that are accessed almost every day or maybe every hour.

By reducing anxiety, Facebook parties denied the report released for comments that sounded convincing, and has been cited by many parties. "We did not get orders for shutting down, so we'll keep working as usual. We're not going to go anywhere, we have also just started," the statement Facebook. (AFP, Monday 10/1/2010).

Some overseas media also issued a rebuttal of facebook this news to their readers. The hope, people are not worried too long since been assured directly by Facebook that they can still access the site without the worry of liquidation.

For information, the site Weeklyworldnews has often wrote satirical news is horrendous, but far from the truth. Just look at their other headlines, such as 'Alien Aircraft will attack Earth in 2011' or 'George Clooney would run for president'.

Tracing the development of such a rapid Facebook business, it is extremely unlikely this site will suddenly killed by Zuckerberg. Moreover Facebook will get a big cash injection from its investors who claimed to be worth USD 500 million.

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