06 December 2010

Google Phone Next

Eric Schmidt, Google's boss, starting the next Google phone unmasked. One of his ability is a digital wallet.

Google Android phone that will be the successor to the Nexus One was going to use the operating system 'Gingerbread'. Then, from the hardware side, he will be equipped with an RFID chip communication style.

Chip which will provide the capability of electronic transactions via mobile phones. The chip will be connected with the nearest receiver, for example at the counter, after a user confirmation.

"Basically, you just put this phone on all the things to replace credit cards. In the industry, we call it" tap and pay ', "said Schmidt.

He did not reveal who the manufacturer is believed to Google to make mobile phone that successors Nexus. Schmidt just mention the product as 'the yet to be announced'.

Nexus One, the first Google phone, manufactured by HTC. The phone is well received in the U.S. and has since been followed by various Android phones increasingly popular.

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