03 December 2010

Are Aliens Come?

United States space agencies (NASA) will hold a press conference on the issue of the most intriguing people of the world, which is about alien beings outside the Earth.

The press conference will be held today (Friday, 03/12/2010). The plan, the conference will discuss the findings in the field of astrobiologi that will give impact on efforts to find extraterrestrial life or beyond Earth.

A number of experts from the field of molecular evolution astrobiologi and will be present at the press conference. Some of them are Mary Voytek, Director of the Astrobiology Program, NASA Headquarters in Washington and Felisa Wolfe-Simon, astrobiologi researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey.

So far there has been no definite information about specific materials that will be delivered. Some media have speculated about the material that will be delivered. Gawker, for example, issued a news under the title "Did NASA find life on Saturn's satellites?", While other media such as PC World issued a news "Is Alien Come?".

Meanwhile, Phil Plait, an astronomy reporter who for 10 years working on Hubble Space Telescope provides a more realistic comment. He said that NASA conference may only be announced a few locations that allow for life, but definitely will not mention the existence of life in that place.

"This event is likely to discuss the conditions on other planets or satellites which is conducive to life," says Plait. Furthermore, he revealed that if it is true there is life, not NASA will hold a conference to announce it, but will tend to close the information meetings.

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