10 November 2010

Obama : Indonesia is a second country

United States President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama visited the Istiqlal Mosque. Accompanied by High Priest of Istiqlal Mosque, Ali Mustafa Jacob, Obama and Michelle could surround the largest mosque in Southeast Asia.

When traveling, Obama continue dialogue with Ali. He admitted very pleased to visit Indonesia. Even Obama had said that Indonesia is the second country.

"For you Indonesia was the first country, but for me Indonesia is a country second," said Ali imitate speech Obama in his office on Wednesday (10/11/2010).

Further, Ali told, when Obama introduced in the Mosque of the history of the founding of Istiqlal. Barry Obama's close calls so small, also had a look around and ask bedug function.

"I was told that the Istiqlal means independence, as established at the time of independence by President Soekarno. Why are independent, because Islam was the inspiration of Indonesian independence," he said.

source : tribunnews

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