07 February 2011

Waiting for Cheap Cars from Ford

Today almost all manufacturers are racing to make cars affordable. No exception was Ford who reportedly made a car with cheap prices for the Chinese market.

China's market today is arguably the most important car market in the world. This is the reason each manufacturer to develop products that can boost their sales there.

Ford car that is being prepared as a cheap car is a saloon having a certain car. But not yet known how the official price price for this car later.

"Our marketing people here say demand is high for a saloon. We think the Focus would have been very popular in urban areas. We've been moving to coastal areas and now we will go deeper," says Ford design boss Martin Smith.

American car manufacturer that plans to create a car based on the Platform C to cut production costs. This platform is targeted to use 85 percent and 15 percent sharing component will not be contested to meet safety standards that apply in Europe and America.

Because even though lower-priced Ford will emphasize to security concerns it would not want to risk lowering the quality of safety part in its production cars.

"We will never sacrifice safety affairs. But you can give one the lights on the front and rear lights and reduce the glass panels on the side from three to two (to reduce costs)," he said.

source : Autocar

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